Virtual reality and the classroom: How it's working in education


Virtual reality is coming to the classroom. After the release of Engage last week, yet another platform is about to bring educational VR content to students.

Children can now use a headset to travel to the other end of the world, beneath the ocean’s surface or to outer space. “Some of our students have never really left the bubbles of their own town”, says Jaime Donally, presenter and creator of virtual global events.

“Virtual reality...

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How you can combat VR sickness


VR sickness is an issue within VR that's yet to be rectified. But it's not all that scary, and there are things you can do to stop yourself from feeling ill. 

Here's some more information on the experience: 

Why people get ill in VR

VR sickness is quite similar to motion or sea sickness. Scientists are not yet sure about all the details, but most probably all those sicknesses have something in common: What your eyes tell your brain doesn’t really match...

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