The debate about whether 360 video is VR - and why it doesn't matter

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There have been a lot of headlines and controversies over whether 360 video should be considered virtual reality.

Alan Yates, a senior Hardware Engineer from Valve sparked off the whole debate with his Tweet: "Spherical photos and video are not VR! They are one form of content you can experience in a HMD, but they basically suck.”

Although Alan went on to mention that there were exciting aspects to 360 video in the future this provocative tweet has sparked an industry...

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Opinion: The future of VR and the challenges which need to be overcome


Virtual reality is not a new medium in itself, it’s actually been around for decades with one of the first uses being the Sensorama by Morten Heilig. This crazy machine not only showed visuals and sound but also scent, a real trailblazer. VR went on to be used by NASA, the US army, in gaming arcades and all over popular culture through the 70s, 80s and 90s, apparently falling into obscurity in early 2000s.


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