Architecture and VR: Mobile or static virtual reality?

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The previous pieces I wrote on VR were mainly focusing on its impact in the architectural and design field in regards to our everyday experience at the office.

While writing about the why and how, we went down the virtual reality road, I slightly touched on the subject of the two main categories currently present in the VR scene that I would call static and mobile VR.

As we had more opportunities to play with different apps and software on other projects, I started to see a real...

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VR tools: What this architecture firm uses to create 3D experience for clients

A little while ago, I wrote a piece for VR Tech about the multiple reasons our office had to go down the VR route, explaining what it could bring to our practice and my vision of its future in the architectural industry. 

This time, I will give more precisions on our working process, what we use and how we use it.

First of all, we use VR mainly with computer generated images (CGI) in order to achieve a deeper...

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How this architecture firm is using VR to engage clients with its work


Being a young architectural and design firm, we are very keen on innovations and new technologies that can help us do our job better, more efficiently and to answer our clients' needs as accurately as possible. 

We started using VR extensively about a year ago when the Samsung Gear VR was released. At the time, we were starting our design process on an office refurbishment and having briefly tested the device in a nearby shop, we were immediately convinced that it...

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