VR and 360 video will shape holidays of the future, says report

Virtual reality and 360 video are prime tech candidates for shaping people's future holiday experiences, claims a new report by travel brand Expedia

The Holiday of the Future includes information from resources like VR Tech on exactly that: how consumers will look for, review and buy holidays in years to come. 

It explores the experimentation travel companies are currently doing with the likes of 360 tours and Facebook booking bots,...

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Make up brand Smashbox launches 360 studio tour


360 video is enjoying its status as the new and exciting marketing tool of the day. More and mroe brands every week get on board with the medium, usually in a collaboration through creative agencies, to immerse their customers in their story.

When it's done badly, it can look amateurish, but when done well - like this campaign from makeup brand Smashbox - can really boost the brand's standing. 

The beauty brand partnered up with Omelet, which has worked with other big names...

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Our top five 360 videos this week 31/8/16


This week, we've been watching a mixture of the educational and the bizarre. Below, we've embedded five of our favourites from YouTube, including a pretty awesome offering from Google.

1. Night Fall: The first 360 ballet 

If this is your thing - and even if it isn't - it's worth a watch. It's also got spatial audio and is filmed by the Dutch Royal Ballet. 


* * * 

2. New York Times: The fight for Fallujah 

An interesting news piece from the...

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VR Game of the week: Oculus' Damaged Core


High Voltage Software, the studio that brought you Saints Row, Mortal Kombat X and The Conduit has made a foray into virtual reality games, and its latest offering looks set to be a good one. 

Action-packed Damaged Core is out now on the Oculus Store for £22.99 and is a first-person shooter with a difference. 

Jump into the shoes of a human-friendly AI; teleport into enemy robots and use their own weapons against them to reclaim a planet after a hostile machine...

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Intel announces new 7th Gen processor for 'immersive internet'


In a boost for VR and 360 video, Intel has announced its ‘Kaby Lake’ 7th Gen Intel Core Processor chips.

These latest 14nm processors are good news for 4K UHD video too, as well as improved PC security. They’ll be Intel’s flagship microprocessors for new PCs and are built with its best manufacturing technology.

There’ll be over 100 different laptops and devices powered by the chips...

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Smartphone VR device sales 'surpassing expectations' in 2016


Virtual reality devices for smartphones - like the Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR - are predicted to sell in their millions by the end of this year. 

CCS Insight said sales of these products are surpassing their expectations and on track to sell 14.5 million units, worth over $500m this year alone. 

This is backed up by figures from...

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Irish Gaelic Games get 360 video treatment

With so many brands and sports taking on 360 video, it was only a matter of time before more niche areas began to be explored. 

And indeed they have, with the Irish publishing a 360 experience around gaelic football.

For those not familar with the game, we recommend trying out Irish bank AIB's 360 experience, where it brings the viewer into a sea of Dublin Gaelic Games Assocation (GAA) fans, before switching it up and...

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Innis and Gunn launch 360 beer experience

(c)Innis and Gunn

Ale brand Innis and Gunn have launched their own 360 video experience around their drinks - following in the footsteps of other alcohol brands such as Glenfiddich.

Innis and Gunn has opted for two 360 videos to showcase Scottish landscapes and create an immersive experience that will "transport" drinkers from the bar to see the landscape that inspired the drinks. 

As part...

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Majority of developers focusing on the HTC Vive, new research says


Virtual reality developers are focusing their efforts mainly on projects for the HTC Vive, according to a new survey by the UBM Game Network.

Ahead of the VR Developers Conference in San Francisco, the company - which also runs Gamasutra.com - surveyed 500 developers about their thoughts on VR.

The survey found 34% of developers were planning to develop their next title...

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Syfy virtual reality series Halycon launching in September


A new series which sits across virtual reality, mainstream TV channels and online is launching in late September. 

Futuristic series Halycon will be available on Syfy's television and online channels as of 26 September. Its 15 episodes will alternate between 10 on Syfy channels and websites, as well as five virtual reality episodes on VR platforms. 

Those who wish to view the extra episodes in virtual reality can do so via Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR. 

For viewers who are only...

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Paraplegics learned to walk again with help of brain-controlled robots and VR, study reports


A study recently published in Scientific Reports shows improvement of eight paraplegic patients after rehabilitation with a brain-machine interface, including a virtual reality component.

Researchers trained eight paraplegic patients over a year on the 'Walk Again Neurorehabilitation' protocol.

The patients had been completely paralysed for three to 13 years due to a severe spinal cord injury and nonehad shown any clinical improvement with traditional...

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South Korea gov may dedicate funds to VR and AR

(c)iStock.com/Sean Pavone

South Korea’s reportedly making moves to take a lead in the global VR and AR markets, according to a national newspaper.

The Korea Joongang Daily said the government announced it will create a 40bn won ($35.8m) fund to invest in the development of virtual and augmented reality technologies.

This is after it named the two as part of nine emerging tech areas South Korea would aim to focus on - including AI and...

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Ford launches VR storytelling app


It seems cars and virtual reality have found a sweet spot for immersive experiences, as Ford joins the slew of auto brands getting on board with VR.

The famous car company has just launched its first virtual reality app for Android and iOS devices, after a content partnership with award-winning Tools of North America.

The VR and 360 content specialist production...

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VR-optimised Android Nougat 7.0 starts to roll out


Android's latest operating system that's optimised for Google's VR platform Daydream as well as 3D rendering API VulkanTM has started to roll out. 

Android 7.0 Nougat is being launched on Nexus devices first over the coming weeks, as well as LG's upcoming V20 handset. 

Other Android devices, such as Samsung's offerings, will probably see the update come in in a few months. 

It offers 250 major features, including better...

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Playstation VR Worlds announced for October release


Playstation VR is on the horizon, and with a few months to go its London Studio has released news about a sort of 'Wii Sports' like compendium of PS VR experiences.

Playstation VR Worlds will include five different VR games and expeirences and give first-timers, as well as those well-versed, a taste of what virtual reality is like.  

The title will be launched 13 October and is set to come in at around £29.99 on the Playstation Store -

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Updated Samsung Gear VR headset starts shipping


The new and improved Samsung Gear VR has started shipping this week alongside the Galaxy Note 7, with several new games and experiences launching on the Oculus Store.

The Gear VR has had some improvements made to its existing design, including a better field of view, being made lighter and more comfortable, a larger touchpad, an Oculus button and interchangeable micro-USB port and USB-C support.

This opens the...

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HTC Vive 'most talked about headset' on social media, says Adobe report


The HTC Vive has overtaken Oculus Rift as the most ‘talked about’ VR headset online, according to a new Adobe Digital Insights report.

In the 2016 Gaming report, the stats showed a decrease in online mentions of the Microsoft Hololens, Playstation VR and Oculus Rift - but a 115% increase in people talking about the Vive.

The research analysed 20 million social mentions on sites like Reddit, Facebook, Twitter,...

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