Feral Rites launches for VR on the Oculus Store


Insomniac Games has launched its latest virtual reality action-packed adventure game, Feral Rights.

The title launches on the Oculus Store this week for around £39.99 and has been a long time coming from Insomniac.

Earlier this year it teased VR enthusiasts with a trailer and has since released its Edge of Nowhere title, which enjoyed a pretty good reception.

Feral Rights will see you jump into the role of a protagonist who needs to avenge...

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Google partners with National History Museum to showcase dinosaurs in 360


We all know that both virtual reality and 360 video are great for exploring distant, hard-to-get-to places - but it can also be a great tool for experiencing the past.

Google has recently partnered with over 50 of the world’s top natural history institutions to bring the world of dinosaurs to life recently. As you can imagine, it’s gone down the 360 video route to highlight the experiences for Google Cardboard.

From this week, you can check out Google’s...

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Google launches Cardboard Camera for 360 images on iOS

Google has rolled out its Cardboard Camera app for iOS, meaning iPhone users can now take and share 360 images using the free app.

Cardboard Camera has been available on Android for a while, and iOS counterparts have had to make do with 360 picture alternatives such as Facebook’s 360 photos which allows you to take and share pics on the social network using the iPhone's panorama function.

To take a 360 photo on Google’s Cardboard...

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NASA launches 360 video of Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center

Space is a great area of exploration for 360 video and VR lovers, with plenty of games, experiences and 360 videos on offer to keep the most celestial-minded satisfied. 

But now NASA has come up with a behind-the-scenes 360 look at its Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, including footage from its Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory.

The video is the product of a partnership between French 360 video company Digital Immersion and NASA. 

Instead of watching astronauts move around the space...

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US amusement parks launch Halloween VR horror experience

Horror fans in the US and Canada should probably pay a visit to one of three Cedar Fair Entertainment locations at Halloween, as they're debuting a pretty terrifying looking VR experience. 

FEARVR: 5150 uses Samsung Gear VR headsets to immerse guests into an original experience written and produced in-house.

The three locations hosting the attraction are Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park, California, Canada's Wonderland, Ontario, Canada, and California's Great America,...

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Virtual reality: Is a 'single socket solution' key to mass adoption?


The debate about how and when virtual reality will be - or at least considered to be - mass adopted continues to rage on.

Many bodies have their own theories, from when the right content is available to when hardware comes down in price.

But one idea that strategy and innovation director at media agency OMD Marcos Angelides came up with to drive adoption is having a ‘single socket solution’.

He recently wrote...

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Oculus' Henry is first VR narrated film to win an Emmy


In a first for the industry, a virtual reality film produced by Oculus Story Studios has won an Emmy.

Free film Henry, which features a hug-loving Hedgehog narrated by Elijah Wood, scooped the award recently and set the bar for future titles.

Oculus is already working on its next film, Dear Angelica, and said the win meant it is “an incredibly exciting time, not just for our team but for all storytellers paving the way”.

Henry is the first virtual reality original narrative movie...

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New documentary showcasing what it's like to film in VR/360 launched by The Foundry

(c)The Foundry 

Virtual reality and 360 video are fascinating mediums, but the only thing even more interesting is how the finished product comes to be. Filming and editing 360 video in particular isn't merely a point-and-shoot process, and can be quite intense. 

But now you can get a peek behind the scenes, as creative software developer The Foundry has released the first episode of a five part, behind-the-scenes documentary...

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8% of young adults plan to buy a VR headset this year, report says


Younger generations are always well known for adopting the latest and greatest tech, and virtual reality is no exception.

A recent study has shown that 8% of 18 - 35 year olds are planning to buy a virtual reality headset by the end of the year - not a massive figure it may seem, but this comes to about 1.5 million in the US.

This is at least according to...

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PlayStation VR to include free demo title disc on release

(c)PlayStation Europe

Can you believe it's just over a month until the PlayStation VR is here? The first up-to-date, mainstream game console virtual reality system is mere weeks away and we're very keen to see how it performs. 

We're still curious to find out how Trophies will work, but as far as titles are concerned PlayStation has more than sated our appetite for some hard-hitting games.

However, it's also just announced it'll include a demo disc for free with every PlayStation VR...

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UK startup develops 'wafer thin' virtual reality tracking sensors for headsets

A UK based startup that’s only been around for under a year has developed a tech that tracks facial expressions in virtual reality devices.

Emteq, based in Brighton, uses artificial intelligence  (AI) and tiny sensors to read the electrical signals generated by muscle movement.

This in turn allows someone’s digital avatar, for example, to respond to the changes, without the need for face-tracking cameras.

The tech - or Faceteq, as the company’s calling it - is being developed with an...

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Russian scientists develop VR system for detecting Parkinson's, MS and Alzheimer's early

A virtual reality diagnosis system for early-stage neurodegenerative diseases is being developed by scientists from Tomsk Polytechnic University and the Siberian State University in Russia.

Diseases researchers are hoping to detect with the system includes Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis (MS) and Alzheimer’s. All of these diseases have a few things in common: they’re slow to develop and lead to a loss of nerve cells, which affects balance and coordination.

In the...

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Intel acquires Movidius to boost its VR, AR and MR offerings


Intel has announced its plans to acquire IoT visual sensing company Movidius to bolster its augmented, virtual and mixed reality offerings.

The company’s senior VP and general manager of Intel’s New Technology group wrote in a blog that the acquisition was part of a series it was undertaking to build a suite of capabilities around its RealSense depth sensing technology, which allows cameras to ‘see’ the world in 3D.

Last month,...

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Swedish brand launches free lumberjack game for HTC Vive

You can do some really madcap things in VR; from trying your hand at office life in a colourful, virtual reality world, to whirling your hands around like a windmill, chopping up fruit.

But did you know now you can also be a lumberjack?

If you're thinking it's a bit of a Scandinavian-sounding experience, you'd be right, as it's part of chainsaw brand Husqvarna and the Nordic branch (sorry) of digital...

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Alcatel launches standalone virtual reality headset and new 360 cameras


A standalone virtual reality headset has just been announced by budget smartphone maker Alcatel.

The VISION headset doesn’t need a computer or smartphone to work and comes with 17 millisecond latency - the lowest available, as well as a 120 degree field of vision.

There’s no price just yet but Alcatel says it’ll be “entry-level” and affordable, with CNET quoting around...

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Apple gets patent for what looks like a VR headset


They’re the silent giant in a world of virtual reality noise, but at last, there’s been some stirring from the closed-lipped Apple this week.

The company’s just been awarded a patent it filed last September, for what looks like a headset that works with iPhones or other Apple devices.

We’ve heard from Microsoft, Google, Facebook, HTC, Intel, Sony, Samsung and many more tech giants about their current and future plans for VR and AR, but Apple’s...

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