Pepsi MAX launches football-based 360 video ad

Ah, the underappreciated art of a football volley; something that you can now celebrate and be part of in 360 video.

If you're a fan of the beautiful game, then this latest 360 brand experience is probably one for you. Pepsi MAX has partnered with Weve and Celtra to present Volley 360, celebrating Pepsi's partnersip with the UEFA Champion's League. 

The mobile marketing campaign is representing a trend amongst marketers; not simply that of using 360 video, but of finding inventive ways to stand...

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Ex-Pixar specialists launch Gary the Gull for VR

Growing up watching Pixar movies is definitely a hallmark of a 90’s child. Even if you’re not, chances are you’ve seen - and maybe cried at - Up, Finding Nemo and Wall E.

In the dawning age of VR, bringing that kind of emotive animation inside a headset is a very powerful thing indeed, but not as simple as it sounds.

That’s why we were interested in a recent Steam and PlayStation VR release based around a lovable, Pixar-esque character: Gary the Gull.

The experience markets itself as a...

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The White House now has its own AR experience

(c)Nexus Studios

2016 is certainly a year of firsts for the White House; but we're not writing about the topic that's been on everyone's news agenda for the last few months.

Just in case you were wondering what goes on behind closed doors at the iconic building, it now has its very own AR experience celebrating traditional events that unfold each year at the White House.

Award winning storytelling company Nexus Studios' Interactive Arts division has created the experience along with...

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VLC Player now supports 360 videos, will 'probably' support VR in 2017


VLC Player, the popular media player most recognisable by its orange-and-white traffic cone symbol, has said it will “probably” support VR headsets such as Google’s Daydream, the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift next year.

The company has just released VLR 360, which people can use to watch 360 videos and photos ‘out of the box’.

VLC Player rose to fame in the early 2000s as as free, open source, cross-platform media player that...

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Clash of Clans launches short 360 battle experience


Fans of the popular mobile game Clash of Clans can now embark on a 360 experience that seats them on the back of a Hog as it goes into battle.

The game, estimated to have 30 million plus daily active users, is produced by Finnish company Supercell.

The 360 Hog Rider experience matches a similar ‘battle’ 360 experience it launched around the same time last year, where players could...

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Santas get to grips with new tech in VR training school

It was the night before Christmas, and all through the house, nothing was stirring - except Santa, who was busy playing Minecraft on his Samsung Gear VR. 

Santa and virtual reality is really not a pairing you would put together, but then again 2016 is a year of many surprises. 

And indeed, Santas from all over the UK have been attending a VR Santa Training School from Carphone Warehouse, to get to grips with virtual reality technology before they head to grottos, stores and shopping centres ahead of...

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RT releases 360 experience from International Space Station


Most of us will only ever dream of getting a real bird's eye view from the International Space Station (ISS), but thanks to 360 video, you can at least get a taster of what the astronauts see.

Russian news agency RT (previously Russia Today) sent a 360 camera into space, which cosmonaut Andrey Borisenko used to capture a view of the Earth from the ISS.

The Space360 experience is presented by RT, who has worked with Russian space agency Roscosmos...

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Have you tried Doom 3 on the HTC Vive yet?


A newly released mod now means you can play Doom 3 on the HTC Vive with its motion tracking controllers.

This only applies to the Doom BFG edition and is based on OpenVR, and there are numerous Reddit threads explaining how to give it a shot on your Vive.

One in particular, from AerowynX, tells players how they can use a good texture pack, provides step-by-step instructions on the mod and provides...

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BBC's new 360 experience looks at human trafficking


The BBC is the latest media organisation to come up with a powerful 360 experience that highlights a prominent issue in today's world: human trafficking. 

The broadcaster has been ramping up its 360 video production as it explores VR as a way of connecting with audiences.

This particular 360 video is part of the BBC's campaign, 100 Women, which has run since 2013 and examines the role of women in the 21st century, with physical events in both London and...

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Neutron VR wins UK small business award for 'best use of tech'

Newcastle-based commercial VR company Neutron VR has beaten hundreds of other small businesses to win an award for the Best Use of Technology at this year’s Nectar Business Small Business Awards.

This is the first time a virtual reality based business has won a Nectar award.

The VR business was commended for its creative use of technology and impressed the judging panel, including Dragon’s Den star Sarah Willingham.

Neutron VR uses gaming technology to improve other companies' enterprise and...

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Oculus gives 11 content creators Launch Pad scholarships


Oculus has given 11 virtual reality content creators a share of $250,000 in funding to develop unique VR experiences.

The 11 are winners of Oculus’ first ever Launch Pad group, and will receive a share of the scholarship.

Since the project was launched, Oculus has worked with over 100 developers to deliver virtual reality experiences that “more accurately represent its global audience”.


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OSVR content now available on Steam

Open source VR platform OSVR is now available on Steam, bringing it one step closer to its dream of a one-for-all platform for virtual reality.

Those with compatible OSVR devices, such as its HDK series of headsets, can identify compatible content via an OSVR icon next to it.

There will also be added filter functions in Steam to narrow down searches for OSVR-enabled experiences.

“OSVR makes it easy for game developers to support hundreds of devices and for hardware vendors to tap into top-notch content....

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Emotional engagement '27% higher' in VR than in 2D


Virtual reality's many uses are becoming more and more apparent as sales of the tech continue to increase. 

One recent neuroscience-informed research study from YuMe and Nielson has found that marketers are certainly one group of professionals set to benefit from using VR within their industry. 

The strong emotional engagement clicited by virtual reality experiences (27% higher than in a 2D environment) is one big draw...

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Sneak peak: The world's first 3D printed, virtual reality art

Last week, we announced that HTC Vive and the Royal Academy of Arts (RA) would showcase the world's first 3D printed, VR art in January.

Today, they have given us a sneak peak at some pictures from a preview event that took place in London this week.

RA Schools alumni Adham Faramawy, Elliot Dodd, and current final year student Jessy Jetpacks have created the work using an...

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How to hide from reality with this Hillary Wins VR experience

Waking up to the US presidential election results earlier this month, the first thing I thought was: “No, this can’t be real”.

Fingers poised over my Samsung keyboard, I hesitated at the thought of adding my views to a timeline that was already full and filling with shocked reactions.

But one idea quickly popped into my mind: an alternate world. Virtual reality.

Without thinking, I typed a quick quip:

“Well, 2016 sure is a good year for VR to become...

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New underwater adventure launches on Google Expeditions

We've heard a lot about Google's Expeditions app, but what about the amazing experiences it brings to classrooms around the world?

One such recently launched experience is an underwater submarine exploration of the Nekton mission to Bermuda. 

Via the app, students will see seventeen stunning images of submarine exploration in three new expeditions now featuring on the platform.

Virtual reality makes it easy for students to encounter these places and meet the scientists and others working there from...

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BBC’s virtual reality fairy tale launches on Daydream


The BBC's research and development department has been churning out virtual reality content, and its latest project has just been release on Google Daydream.

The Turning Forest is a virtual reality fairytale that was originally created for the Oculus Rift and th Tribeca Film Festival, but has now been enhanced and re-released for free on the Google Play Store.

According to the BBC, the Google Daydream version improves the spatial sound design, introduces new controller interactions and...

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World's first 3D printed, VR art to be showcased in 2017


Art and technology are fields that coming together increasingly; and virtual reality is not to be left out of the equation. 

As such, the Royal Academy of Arts (RA) and HTC Vive have partnered up on a project that will be showcased this coming January: Virtually Real. This is thought to be the first time artwork created in virtual reality has been brought into the physical world through the medium of 3D printing and exhibited in a major global art institution.

RA Schools alumni Adham...

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