VR games to hit gyms across the world

For many people the idea of going to the gym just sounds like exercising in a large room surrounded by sweaty, grunting people.

Could VR technologies be about to make the gym experience a little more fun?

A recently announced partnership between VR fitness game producers VirZOOM and global integrated circuits provider AMD, is bringing VR games to fitness bikes around the world.

The games will use the VirZOOM VR platform, AMD graphics cards to upgrade Life Fitness SE3 Discover upright and recumbent bikes in...

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Ultrahaptics completes B round investment of £17.9 million

Ultrahaptics, the mid-air haptics company, has completed its series B round of investment with £17.9 million ($23 million).

The company uses ultrasound to project sensations through the air and onto the hands of users. This allows the user to interact with virtual objects in the air, such as ‘feeling’ buttones and using gestures to interface with technology.

The company believes the technology has a number of different applications where touchless interfaces are an incoming development. The...

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Job listing signals Amazon’s VR intent

A new job listing for Amazon provides further evidence that the retail giant is planning a big move into the VR space.

The listing for a senior VR software development manager states that the company is looking for someone to ‘lead the development of a completely new VR shopping experience at Amazon.’

The successful applicant will be part of the consumer experience technology (CXT) team, which is responsible for the shopping experience across desktop, tablet. Mobile and...

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Healthcare VR/AR projected to grow 73% by 2022

The healthcare sector will see a rise in adoption of VR/AR training and simulation applications in the coming years, according to Allied Market Research.

In a new report, the market research company projects growth in the global VR/AR market of 65.7% from 2016 to 2022. The market will have a value of $59,511 million.

This growth will be driven by an expansion in the gaming market, as well as enterprise functions and training will increase awareness amongst end users.

However, the report also notes that...

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Vive X event demoes wealth of VR advancements

The Virtual Reality venture Capital Alliance (VRVCA) has held its fourth meeting in San Francisco with VR/AR start-ups from around the world.

Founded by HTC in order to pioneer smart and VR technologies, the event saw 10 teams from 5 regions present their advancements in technology, software and hardware.

The $100 million accelerator programme, Vive X, has also been providing support to the start-ups, which include 7invensun, ObEN and TPCast.

The VRVCA currently has 50 VC members and $18 billion in investible...

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VR glove kickstarter lets users touch the virtual

Having gloves that use haptic feedback in order to let VR users feel the simulated physicality of the virtual environment is widely seen as an important evolutionary step in the VR ecosystem.

Now, thanks to a Kicstarter campaign launched by VRgluv, we could be about to see a leap forward.

The kickstarter aims to raise $100,000 and backers will receive a pair of the gloves at a discounted rate from the retail price of $579.

The gloves are compatible with Vive and Occulus headsets....

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HP makes VR and AR move with Venture Reality Fund investment

HP Tech Ventures, the corporate venture arm of HP Inc, has announced that it will be investing in The Venture Reality Fund.

The announcement marks HP’s first strategic move into the VR/AR space.

The fund, also known as The VR Fund, is one of the most active and experienced venture investors in the VR/AR sector. It has a portfolio of a wide range of early-stage startups developing infrastructure, tools, platforms, content and apps in the VR/AR eceosystem.

“AR/VR is one of the...

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HTC Vive announces first ‘VR for Impact’ grant recipients

HTC Vive celebrated international Earth Day by unveiling the first recipients of its $10 million VR for Impact grant.

The programme looks to provide funding to VR content and technology that drives awareness of, and create a positive in impact in support of the UN sustainable development goals.

 The chosen projects not only receive funding, but will made available on Viveport.

“We believe VR and the immersive experiences it delivers have the potential to...

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Harmonic, Nokia and PCCW deliver live 360 VR sports experience

Harmonic, the global video delivery infrastructure company, has announced that its Electra VS video system was used by PCCW Global during the recent Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong King Sevens rugby tournament.

Harmonic partnered with Nokia and PCCW Global, the international division of Hong Kong telecommunications service provider HKT, to deliver 360 VR experiences live during the tournament.

The provision of 360 VR multi-camera live sports production was assisted by Ideal Systems, and combined Nokia’s OZO...

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IrisVR launches multi-user collaboration software

IrisVR has announced their desktop software, Prospect, will support multi-user VR experiences for the architecture, engineering and construction industries.

Prospect users will be able to collaborate on projects using their HTC Vive or Occulus Rift. Users can invite others to an ‘immersive virtual group session.’

The multi-user technology allows people in the building industry a real-time VR environment, complete with voice audio and motion feedback.

Architects and...

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VR market to be worth $37 billion by 2020, says SuperData

The emerging VR market will grow by $4.9 billion this year, according to SuperData.

The growth will be driven primarily by hardware, with software beginning to bring in more revenue. SuperData estimates that the market will be worth 437.7 billion by 2020.

The company says that ‘like most new technologies and platforms, VR has had a rocky, but predicable, start’.

The report states:

“Supply constraints limited access to...

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HTC opens up VR Vive Tracker code

Developers will now be able to access project files and tutorials for the Vive Tracker

The company states that it wants to ‘make it even easier to get started working with your Tracker project’.

By releasing the new project code, it is hoped that developers will be able to use the tracker in new ways and get projects up and running quicker.

The Vive Tracker is a plug and play motion tracker that can be...

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Visbit open beta allows 4K resolution 360 videos streaming over wi-fi

Visbit is realising their service into open beta, following a successful closed beta period that began in December 2016. The release marks the first time an end-to-end platform offering streaming of 4K and above resolution VR 360-degree videos over wi-fi and LTE for mobile VR devices.

The all-in-one service includes a publisher portal, VR cloud and VR player SDK. The service aims to simplify the management and delivery of ultra-high definition content for users at reduced...

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Past, present and future challenges: a talk with Katie Goode of Triangular Pixels

The recent VR World Congress 2017 was a celebration of how far the VR market has come and all the exciting paths that stretch out into the future.

In amongst the talks and stalls eagerly talking about the ways that VR will change entertainment and business, was a panel on the challenges face by businesses operating in the market.

One of the members of the panel was Katie Goode, creative designer from award-winning games design agency Triangular Pixels. A veteran of the VR...

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Is the web a viable VR platform?

Is streaming VR content over your browser feasible in the foreseeable future?

Jamieson Brettle of Google thinks so.

At his talk at the VR World Congress 2017 in Bristol, Brettle spoke about the opportunities and challenges of streaming VR content over the web. He also spoke about some of the specifc projects that are trying to bring VR to your web browser.

Web VR makes a lot of sense when it comes to consumers. The barriers to entry for consumers are much lower, apps are easily downloadable, and it is easy to...

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Using VR for social change: an interview with Amy Pearson of Plan International UK

Much of the discourse surrounding the growth of the VR market is concerned with entertainment and enterprise applications.

But what about the technology’s ability to promote social change?

VR World Congress 2017 recently hosted a panel discussing how charities are using VR to drive engagement with positive causes.

Amy Pearson, Plan International UK’s brand and marketing officer was part of the panel. She was promoting the charity’s new film ‘Mamie’s Dream’ which tells the...

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5 key lessons of app development: an interview with Anna from Dual Good

The VR field is growing rapidly and a lot of people are taking their first steps as app developers.

After her talk at VR World Congress 2017, we caught up with Dual Good co-founder Anna Stoilova to talk about the journey of VR app development.

The company has recently developed a CPR training tool that utilises VR technology. What began as a hackathon idea has expanded into a fully-formed application, with the potential to expand into other areas of first-aid training.

So what are Anna’s...

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VR market review: VR World Congress 2017

Carl Hibbert of Futuresource Consulting provided the audience with a review of the VR market and possible future trends.

The presentation started with a perhaps surprising bit of research that asked people who had already tried VR which piece of hardware they had used. 31% said Samsung VR, 15% said Playstation VR and 14% cited Google Cardboard.

Futuresource are anticipating that 90 million VR and AR units will be being sold annually around the world by 2021.

An interesting...

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Guardian launches First Impressions VR project

The Guardian has announced the launch of First Impressions, a new VR project on Daydream View, Google’s mobile VR platform.

First Impressions explores how a baby views the world during the first six months of life.

Drawing on cutting-edge academic research, viewers can experience the amazing development in visual ability that occurs in the first half a year of a person’s life.

Beginning with only muted...

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