NVIDIA's new graphics tech is good news for mobile VR


When OSVR's Yuval Boger spoke to VR Tech News about virtual reality gaming on affordable PCs a few weeks ago, we didn't realise it was a possibility that's just around the corner.

Top-spec and expensive gaming PCs have been the way forward for most when it comes to high-end VR headsets and experiences; but now NVIDIA is promising something more: VR on the go.


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Chinese company announces slimline, lightweight VR glasses


A Chinese company has developed the first version of a lightweight pair of VR glasses that can be used with a PC, smartphone or their own Android device.

Dlodlo (dodo) is reportedly launching a Kickstarter campaign very soon. Its Dlodlo glasses weigh just 88g - less than a bar of soap - can be folded to fit inside a pocket and are 16mm thick.

The sunglasses-like headset is made up of carbon fibre composite and comes with a ThinVR bionic optical imaging system with a 105...

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Universities not well equipped to deal with VR programme development, survey finds


Universities around the world aren't that well equipped to cater for the interest in developing VR programmes, a new survey has revealed. 

Crytek asked 201 universities worldwide about their views on VR, and found around 88% are either planning or already offering a virtual reality course. 

But, there appears to be on average less than two headsets available per university. 

Crytek runs the VR First initiative, which is aimed at providing up-to-date facilities to...

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Samsung Gear VR's facelift: The main changes


Samsung's announced the launch of its latest and greatest smartphone, the Note 7. With enhanced security, battery and visual specs, it's also given its Gear VR headset a minor face lift in honour of the occasion. 

The Note 7's 5.7 QHD Super Amoled display means it's HDR video streaming ready, and supports the new Gear 360 camera. The new phone camera and revamped Gear are due out on 19 August and you can pre-order the three from this week.

The main differences...

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Vive headsets now more expensive in UK following Brexit

HTC has announced a price increase on its Vive headsets in the UK due to "currency valuation changes". 

In a message to its customers via its website this week, the company said it would raise the price of its popular Vive headset to £759 plus postage and packaging as of today.

While it didn't directly say the word 'Brexit', the price increase is down to the pound's...

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PlayStation reveals PS VR play area size

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With just a few months to go to the PS VR launch, PlayStation has revealed the play area size you’ll need to use the new headset.

New documentation has revealed an area size of around 60 square feet is needed, and tells players to keep seated where possible while playing.

The brochure also tell of what hardware players will need to use PS VR: namely the headset itself, a PlayStation camera, DUALSHOCK 4 and Move controllers for some...

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OSVR wants to create VR experiences on affordable PCs


Just as Android democratised the mobile operating system for mobile devices, so too is OSVR (or Open Source Virtual Reality) trying to do the same for VR.

Its HDK2 and HMD starts shipping in a few days, so we spoke to CEO of VR firm Sensics and co-founder of OSVR, Yuval Boger, about what the project is trying to achieve.

Affordable VR for everyone is certainly one of OSVR’s objectives, and it’s even looking at how it can make experiences...

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Facebook's Surround 360 camera blueprints now available on Github


Facebook’s banking on 360 video in a big way, so much so that it’s released blueprints for its Surround 360 camera on Github this week.

The rig consists of 17 cameras and sits on an aluminum chassis for stability and to stop overheating from overuse. At a push - provided you’ve got all the right materials - can be physically built within a four hours, with the OS taking a little bit longer to get up and running.

But you’ll need a budget of around $30,000 to build...

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You can now pre-order the OSVR HDK 2

Razer is now taking pre-orders via its website for its second Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) hacker development kit.

If Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive are a bit too pricey for you, but you’re looking for a VR experience that’s on par and doesn’t break the bank, then this is a good bet.

The HDK 2 for OSVR was announced at this year’s E3 gaming convention, and is essentially a £399 headset featuring custom designed lenses for...

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Optometrist designs VR lenses he says reduces VR sickness

An optometrist has designed special lenses that he claims “significantly reduces” the impact of VR sickness.

James Kim, CEO and founder of NOONBit Inc, has been developing the Nunulo VR lenses since 2013, but has just launched the project on Kickstarter recently.

So far, it’s raised over $16,000 (£12,000), with 96 people backing the project - and it’s set to launch with a headset...

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Magic Leap headset beyond research mode, CMO says


Magic Leap’s lightweight headset debut may not be too far into the distant future, according to CEO Rony Abovitz

Speaking with Fortune magazine at the Brainstorm Tech conference this week, the founder of the billion-dollar startup company based in Florida, which until recently has been quite secretive, said a launch “isn’t a decade out”.

The company now employs 600 people, and thousands have reportedly tried the light field...

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Oculus Rift ships all preorders, Vive available in UK GAME stores

The major virtual reality headset vendors appear to have sorted out their production line woes, as both HTC and Oculus Rift aim for faster delivery times. 

Oculus announced this week it has now shipped all preorder units, and apologised for a delay that left some waiting months for their headsets. 

“We want to apologise or the delays in getting Rifts to doorsteps. We appreciate that without your support, VR wouldn’t be where it is today. Thank you for your patience over the past few months,"

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Why VR, AR and mixed reality are the ‘fourth wave’ of consumer computing


If we take the PC, the internet, and mobile as the first three waves of consumer computing, then what comes next? According to a report from research firm Digi-Capital, it’s virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR).

The proclamation, which appears in the analysts’ latest Q216 augmented and virtual reality report (subscription required), argues that while VR has two distinct forms,...

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HTC's Vive accessory store is now open


HTC has launched an online Vive accessory store, three months after the headsets began shipping in April. 

The site promises cables, controllers and headphones, but so far only has three products listed.

Vive users can now buy face cushions, at £23.99, nose rests at £11.99 and a USB extension cable for £8.99.

While some publications were initially reporting the Vive store in EU countries yielded more accessories than its US counterpart, HTC...

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Reimagining data centre space with virtual reality technology


What was once viewed as the stuff of science fiction, virtual reality (VR) has seen its impact flourish in the enterprise landscape. Continuous developments and the practical business potentials have pushed VR deeper across a range of industries, including healthcare and automotive. While VR technology ultimately requires constant refinement to match consumer demands, not to mention a network of supporting technologies, data centre operators have begun tapping into the potential...

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Sony sets virtual reality at heart of its growth plans

(c)iStock.com/Andrey Danilovich

Sony’s got its sights set firmly on virtual reality as an area of growth, it said ahead of its October 2016 PlaystationVR launch.

This week, it released a mid-range corporate plan for the next two years, outlining where it wants to take the business.

Sony’s a company that’s gone through quite a transformation over the last few years. Since CEO Kazuo Hirai came into the business, it’s moved away...

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Robotics company crowdfunding for 360-degree video drone on Indiegogo

(c)Queen B Robotics/Indiegogo

While drone cameras are no new thing, one company’s crowdfunding for what it claims is the first drone capable of capturing ‘4K UHD 360-degree video’ on Indiegogo.

The campaign’s going very well; it’s raised 115% of its $25,000 (£17,700) target and still has 15 days left to run.

The Exo 260 Drone is a product of Queen B Robotics, based in the US. The matte...

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Zeiss launches upgraded VR ONE headset at E3



With everyone from gaming giants to phone networks getting in on a slice of the VR headset action, it's no surprise to see other industries launch their own head-mounted devices. 

The latest announcement comes from international optics tech company Zeiss, which is better known for making medical devices and camera lenses. 

Back in 2014, it launched a VR ONE headset. But as it announced at the E3 conference this week, it's upping its game with an upgraded version,

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Six E3 virtual reality announcements you need to know about


Unless you've been hiding under a rock somewhere for the last few days, no doubt you'll have heard VR is a pretty big deal at this year's E3 conference - and predictably so. 

But there have been some surprises pulled out of the bag by key vendors, including Microsoft, Sony and Ubisoft:

1. Microsoft's Project Scorpio

Alongside the 40% slimmer Xbox One console, the $300 Xbox S which launches in August, Microsoft also...

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How this company is using one of the UK’s first Nokia Ozo VR cameras

(c)Orchard Media 

Forrester wrote this week that brands who want to lead the pack in adopting VR will need to make the right investments to reap large rewards.

With a $60,000 price tag and high grade specs, the Nokia Ozo 360 degree camera may be considered just that.

The product - one of the first commercially available professional grade 360 degree cameras on the market - started shipping in March. Only a...

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