US DoD investment in VR and AR set to increase

The US Department of Defence (DoD) is set to increase its investment in virtual, augmented or mixed reality training in the coming years, according to Frost & Sullivan.

Mobile and distributed training technologies continue to offer an important way of dealing with the training for high tempo and dynamic training situations. Frost & Sullivan belive that it is vital that industry participants focus on creating secure, robust and realistic virtual environments.

"New disruptive, innovative...

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Pokémon Go popularity highlights AR security risks


Pokémon Go is now an AR global phenomenon, having experienced an unprecedented level of success in both official and unofficial locations.

Whilst the number of countries which officially offer it on their App Stores has increased, the fact that it was only available in the US, Australia and New Zealand during its initial launch has led to a number of counterfeit apps appearing on the iOS, Android and Google Play stores.

The incredible; seemingly overnight, popularity of the app...

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