Varjo’s new offering aims to focus on enterprise usability of VR

Varjo’s new offering aims to focus on enterprise usability of VR
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Varjo Technologies has launched two new advanced headsets, which are part of the company’s ‘Resolution Revolution’ product line that aims to deliver human eye-resolution (over 60 PPD) and fidelity to the most demanding sectors in today’s professional market.

The new VR-2 and VR-2 Pro headsets expand the Resolution Revolution range and set a new standard in visual clarity, making it feasible for enterprise usability of the VR technology. Both headsets support SteamVR content and the OpenVR development platform from Valve at ultra-high resolutions (up to 40 PPD/4K rendering per eye), allowing professional wearers a quick and easy access to a comprehensive range of applications for research, analytics, training and simulation, and industrial design.

The VR-2 and VR-2 Pro are built on Varjo’s 20/20 Eye Tracker technology, allowing them to offer precise calibrated performance ideal for applications used in consumer research and safety-critical training. The headsets are powered by the next-generation Bionic Display that provide an enhanced peripheral vision and colour consistency, offering the most natural visual experience required for designing vehicles, architectural projects, advanced simulations, and much more.

In May, PTC released a report titled ‘State of Industrial Innovation’, which analysed two-third of the industrial companies that are accelerating deployment of AR technology to improve worker productivity. The report found that industrial enterprises are the highest adopters of AR, comprising nearly 60% of the survey responses. Fifty-five per cent of use cases aimed at improving worker productivity focus on delivering instructions and guidance primarily within manufacturing, service, and training environments.

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