HTC reveals pricing and availability details for VIVE Focus Plus headset

HTC reveals pricing and availability details for VIVE Focus Plus headset VR 360 is a news, analysis and opinion site devoted to virtual reality technology, promoting thought leadership from leading brands and platforms and collaborating with industry bloggers to deliver insight, reviews and strategy for all aspects of the ecosystem, from developers to CIOs.

HTC VIVE has announced that its latest Focus Plus headset will be available for sale from April 15.

The product can be ordered from Vive's website and will cost $799. Vive Focus Plus features the latest fresnel lenses that offers a sharper visual to reduce any screen door effect meeting the needs of enterprise customers. The newly added dual 6DoF controllers help users to blur the lines between reality and VR in addition to having peace of mind with enterprise support. The product will have an enterprise license in most of the markets for no extra cost.

The VIVE Focus Plus headset is powered by the VIVE WAVE Platform with content from VIVEPORT through which users will have access to approximately 250 Vive Wave applications at launch that run natively on the Vive Focus Plus. The product also has the newly added dual 6DoF controllers and its multi-mode capability.

Users can now also experience the native standalone VR content along with access to an enormous collection of existing content across a range of devices. At the annual VIVE Ecosystem Conference (VEC2019) in Shenzhen, there will be more than 15 different 6DoF standalone VR applications that will be demonstrated.

“With the unveiling of these enhancements for Vive Focus Plus, the VR industry is taking a big step forward with this new generation of full-fidelity standalone VR devices enabling total freedom of interaction and freedom of connection,” said Alvin Wang Graylin, China president at HTC in a statement. “We’re thrilled so many developers and partners are supporting this product with exciting experiences across a wide range of use cases, showcasing the incredible opportunity for VR/AR to enter all facets of our lives.”

The enterprise-focused Vive Focus was made available in Western markets back in November, offering 2880 x 1600 graphics and a 110 degree field of view, alongside the Snapdragon 835 Mobile VR platform. According to the company, “Users will enjoy a freeing, intuitive experience with no wires to pull them back to reality, built-in speakers, and up to three hours of active use on a single charge.”

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