SK Telecom launches new 5G-enabled AR and VR services for eSports

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South Korean telecom operator SK Telecom has launched three 5G augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) services, called ‘Jump AR’, ‘LCK VR Live Broadcasting’ and ‘VR Replay’, which aim to offer a more realistic and immersive experience while watching eSports games.

The summary of the products are:

  • Jump AR: Users can use their smartphones to access Jump AR that transports them to an eSports stadium, LoL Park. When they are accessing the “Jump AR app”, a ‘virtual portal’ to LoL Park in Seoul appears on the screen. The users are transported to the virtual LoL Park when they walk a few steps towards the portal
  • LCK VR Live Broadcasting: The LCK VR Live Broadcasting service allows users to watch eSports players closely through 360 degrees cameras installed in the LoL Park
  • VR Replay: VR Replay is the new eSports video content that allows the users with highlights from the perspective of characters in the game. They can watch 360-degree battle scenes from characters’ point of view by wearing VR headsets 

A Parks Associates’ market report published in April found consumer-reported familiarity with VR technology had stayed at approximately 25% of US broadband households between 2017 and 2018. Among consumers surveyed who either own or are aware of VR, more than half (54%) use their headset, or will make use of it for gaming purposes.

In June, SK Telecom announced its partnership with Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power to develop 5G solutions for smart energy plants. Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power will initially adopt SK Telecom’s Digital Twin technology, which virtualises assets into software and provides simulations to get accurate information about the current state of assets, productivity, as well as behaviour scenarios.

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