DigiLens announces ‘Crystal’ augmented reality smartglasses

DigiLens announces ‘Crystal’ augmented reality smartglasses
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Silicon Valley-based startup, DigiLens, which specialises in smartglass optics for AR applications, has introduced a reference platform called ‘DigiLens Crystal’ at the CES 2019 event in Las Vegas. The new product offers OEMs a customisable, cost-effective waveguide-based eyeglass style solution for industrial and consumer applications.

Workers in logistics, manufacturing or maintenance functions can use completely transparent AR glasses, which deliver content both indoors and outdoors, and get benefited in terms of productivity and safety by having timely access to real-time remote assistance and enterprise data. On the other hand, the consumers can use the DigiLens’ smartglass technology for future social, educational and gaming applications.

If compared to the DigiLens’ smartglass technology, the first-generation AR glasses are tinted, heavy to wear due to their integrated Android processor and battery, and are also expensive. The new platform uses the USB-C power outlet, which is common in many smartphones, that simplifies the AR glass solution to just the glasses. Thanks to the unimpaired transparency, the DigiLens display is on when the user needs it and gone when not in need. The DigiLens optics looks like transparent glasses, however, from the user’s perspective, the display is perfectly suitable to use on a bright sunny day.

Back in August, StarVR and Autodesk announced it was working together for an initiative to provide VR and AR for automotive design and engineering. The product, VRED Professional, is optimised for the StarVR One head mounted display, which offers a professional-grade colour spectrum, custom full RGB AMOLED displays and integrated eye tracking, among other features, which makes it ideal for enterprise use, the company said.

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