HTC launches enterprise-themed Vive Focus VR in Western markets

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HTC is making its enterprise-flavoured Vive Focus virtual reality (VR) set available in Western markets, promising a variety of new applications in the process.

The launch ‘reinforces Vive’s increased commitment to bringing best-in-class design and software expertise – paired with the world’s best VR hardware – to businesses of all sizes’, in the company’s words.

The key aspect of the Vive Focus is its standalone capability, promising 2880 x 1600 graphics and a 110 degree field of view, alongside the Snapdragon 835 Mobile VR platform. “Users will enjoy a freeing, intuitive experience with no wires to pull them back to reality, built-in speakers, and up to three hours of active use on a single charge,” the company noted. Alongside this launch is Vive Sync, a collaboration app specifically for the enterprise, where employees in different offices can meet and work in VR.

The company also announced Shadow Creator would be the latest company to join it as a hardware partner. The latter’s Shadow VR will be launched worldwide on November 11 as a Vive-based 6DoF (six degrees of freedom) device.

HTC brought out a litany of partners for the launch, including Qualcomm Technologies, who said the company’s relationship with HTC would ‘enhance productivity in the enterprise.’ Another, Innoactive, is a startup which develops virtual, augmented and mixed reality enterprise software.

“The two major barriers for companies to deploy VR training are cost of hardware and content creation. We will natively support Vive Wave SDK, Vive Focus, and the new 6DoF controllers, in order to allow our customers to deploy VR training with lower cost and a much better ease of use and improved flexibility,” said Daniel Seidl, Innoactive CEO. “This will drive VR training and adoption in enterprises to the next level.”

Pricing for the Vive Focus for Enterprise will start at £499 in the UK. You can find out more about it here.

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