TRIPP wants to help you alter your mood with VR

VR experiences can have substantial and powerful effects on the way that users think and feel. Up until now these effects have been utilised as ways of making a game better or for placing the user in the shoes of another person (as our piece on refugees illustrated).

But with TRIPP, using VR to change the way the individual feels is the whole point.

The company of “mood architects” recently secured $4 million in funding in order to create journeys that use the sensory and immersive elements of VR to alter a person’s emotional state.

Users will be able to select from a catalogue of native VR experiences that are designed to trigger different feelings. Had a hard day at work? You can use TRIPP to get yourself in a calm state of mind. Worried about giving a presentation at a conference? Use the system to fire yourself up before you hit the stage.

The company’s members have a history in game design, but decided to mix that experience with mindfulness research in order to create software that is capable of affecting beyond simply being ‘fun’.

Stimulation rather than simulation

The LA-based company is combining the visual elements of VR, gameplay mechanics and meditation. They are looking to build on a growing body of research that shows that digital and interactive experiences have a profound effect on the brain.

We have already reported on how immersive experiences can help reduce pain for hospital patients and help people give up smoking.

The company has not made any announcements about any specific platforms, but it has plans to target VR hardware first, with a particular focus on mixed reality.

In a press release, the company stated:

“We want to create something that doesn’t exist on other platforms – a truly native application designed uniquely to the platform. Despite the amount of time spent innovating in VR, the applications built for it have mostly attempted to recreate this reality or more immersive 360 versions of content originally created for another medium. We are focused on using VR for stimulation rather than simulation. Taking a TRIPP will not be like anything that exists in the real world.

“However, TRIPP is first and foremost focused on delivering the benefits of its service and VR will be the first method of delivery of the TRIPP experience. We see a future where immersion will be an aspect of new mixed reality platforms and devices to come.  As we did in the early stages of mobile content development, our plan is to make sure TRIPP is on every meaningful device that has deep immersion capabilities.”

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