HTC opens up VR Vive Tracker code

Developers will now be able to access project files and tutorials for the Vive Tracker

The company states that it wants to ‘make it even easier to get started working with your Tracker project’.

By releasing the new project code, it is hoped that developers will be able to use the tracker in new ways and get projects up and running quicker.

The Vive Tracker is a plug and play motion tracker that can be attached to a number of objects. HTC says that the device simplifies the development of VR by allowing the tracking of everything from ceiling fans fridge doors.

The development options for more intuitive controller-free play is seen by many as an important evolution of VR gaming.

Project files

So what has HTC released for developers to begin pulling apart and tweaking?

Mobile Room-Scale

Developed by Master of Shapes, this game was unveiled at CES.

The game Cover Me!! merges mobile gaming and Vive.

You can get the tutorial here.

Virtual Graffiti

The Vive tracker can enable the integration of physical switches into the VR world.

You can see the tutorial here.

Pinata Party!

By attaching one tracker to a piñata and one to a foam bat, you have a birthday-based, physics-based VR game.

Get the files here.

Mixed Reality

To make it even easier to use the Vive Tracker to serve as a motion-tracked camera, HTC have released a tool that will allow the Tracker to be recognized for recording.

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