Feral Rites launches for VR on the Oculus Store


Insomniac Games has launched its latest virtual reality action-packed adventure game, Feral Rights.

The title launches on the Oculus Store this week for around £39.99 and has been a long time coming from Insomniac.

Earlier this year it teased VR enthusiasts with a trailer and has since released its Edge of Nowhere title, which enjoyed a pretty good reception.

Feral Rights will see you jump into the role of a protagonist who needs to avenge his father’s death, in an adventure-brawler style game.

You can pick up new abilities as the game goes on, eventually mastering the power to “transform into a monstrous, feral beast”.

The environment looks pretty lush, and you can explore jungles and ancient temples as you go about your various quests.

According to the game’s release info - we haven’t played it yet - it seemingly takes real advantage of being in virtual reality, too - with the ability to stalk enemies beneath a canopy that “feels real”. You can also move quite quickly and dole out damage as you go, avoiding falling lava as volcanoes erupt around you.


“We love building new worlds, new stories and new experiences,” said Ted Price, CEO of Insomniac Games.

“With Feral Rites, we’re taking Rift players to a mysterious island where savage combat is a way of life. We’ve designed the game from the ground up to leverage VR so that the game’s expansive environments and rapid-paced brawls impact players in a way that simply can’t be accomplished in traditional games.”

Insomniac is best known for its old-school gaming series, such as Ratchet and Clank, Spyro and Resistance and isn’t the first ‘console’ games development company to delve into the blossoming world of VR gaming - nor will it be the last.

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