US amusement parks launch Halloween VR horror experience

Horror fans in the US and Canada should probably pay a visit to one of three Cedar Fair Entertainment locations at Halloween, as they're debuting a pretty terrifying looking VR experience. 

FEARVR: 5150 uses Samsung Gear VR headsets to immerse guests into an original experience written and produced in-house.

The three locations hosting the attraction are Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park, California, Canada's Wonderland, Ontario, Canada, and California's Great America, Santa Clara.

Cedar Fair Entertainment partnered up with film and media production company Hollow Studios on the VR experience, which is the first of its kind for the entertainment venues. 

It's also described as a 4D, which means it includes physical effects - not one for the faint-hearted, given its story, too. 

When you pop your headset on, you'll find yourself inside what the venue's calling "a real horror movie", where you're greeted by some ominous looking nurses. Once you're settled into Meadowbrook Institute, you get warned of a dangerous telekinetic inmate - Katie - who has just gone missing. 

As if this wasn't enough, you're then strapped to a specialised wheelchair and have your senses "bombarded" while the horror of the facility is revealed. 

We're not sure we're brave enough to jump inside a headset and experience this full experience for ourselves, as the 4D element makes it sound all the more terrifying.

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