PlayStation VR to include free demo title disc on release

(c)PlayStation Europe

Can you believe it's just over a month until the PlayStation VR is here? The first up-to-date, mainstream game console virtual reality system is mere weeks away and we're very keen to see how it performs. 

We're still curious to find out how Trophies will work, but as far as titles are concerned PlayStation has more than sated our appetite for some hard-hitting games.

However, it's also just announced it'll include a demo disc for free with every PlayStation VR system, meaning you can try out eight different titles before you buy.

In a recent blog post, content producer Corey Brotherson outlined the games that'll be available for gamers to try, including an experience from the upcoming PlayStation VR Worlds title.

Trials on offer include previews of: 

  • Car racing game DRIVECLUB VR by Evolution Studios
  • The Ocean Descent game from PlayStation VR Worlds by London Studio
  • Machinery fighting arena title RIGS Mechanized Combat League by Guerilla Games
  • Tumble VR by Supermassive Games which is a puzzle block stacking game
  • Battlezone - a title by Rebellion where players hop in a Cobra tank and demolish everything in their path
  • Space action title EVE: Valkyrie by CCP
  • Wayward Sky by Uber Entertainment
  • Football impovement centre game Headmaster by Frame Interactive 

Ahead of next month's launch, PlayStation has also just announced the PlayStation 4 Pro, an updated version of its PS4 that includes 4k video gaming and streaming which to us seems ace for VR. 

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