Swedish brand launches free lumberjack game for HTC Vive

You can do some really madcap things in VR; from trying your hand at office life in a colourful, virtual reality world, to whirling your hands around like a windmill, chopping up fruit.

But did you know now you can also be a lumberjack?

If you're thinking it's a bit of a Scandinavian-sounding experience, you'd be right, as it's part of chainsaw brand Husqvarna and the Nordic branch (sorry) of digital media agency DigitasLBi's first virtual reality jaunt together.

The game has already launched and challenges the player to strip 24 branches from the trunk of a felled tree using a Husqvarna 359 chainsaw, of course in the midst of some beautiful lakeside-woodland scenery.

Husqvarna Limberjack is available on Steam, and is quite impressive for a brand as most 'VR' campaigns are usually 360 video experiences. The game works better on an HTC Vive, and is free to download.

How do you play?

Standing by the trunk of a felled tree, the player picks up a Husqvarna chainsaw and begins sawing away against the clock. Competing alone, or against friends, players pick up the techniques used by the pros as they go along, discovering the best way to finish quickly without getting in harm’s way. With both regional and global high-score tables, you can challenge local players offline or online players around the world.

Husqvarna will announce the best players at the end of each month. By the end of August 2017, there will even be a world final held in Sweden, where the 12 best players from the year will compete for the title of world champion.

Using VR we can educate users and also create curiosity for the industry among new consumer segments

The game is inspired by one of the five disciplines from the World Logging Championship, a bi-annual event that sees the world’s 150 best loggers competing for the championship title. The actual world logging record for limbing is currently nine seconds.


The reason behind Husqvarna Limberjack is to explore "new points of contact with consumers", to deliver information about how the brand's products work.

The company's identified VR as one way to educate users and "create curiosity" for the industry among new segements, according to the director of PR and communication at Husqvarna Group, Margaretha Finnstedt. 

And DigitasLBi is a good fit, having carried out 360 and VR experiences for global brands such as Dior - where it actually created a high-end headset - and Nissan.

“We’re very excited that Husqvarna dares to challenge conventions together with DigitasLBi Nordics’ specialised team, identifying new possibilities to generate business value using new technology. That’s how to future-proof an industry,” said Karen Ruudh, client partner at DigitasLBi Nordics.

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