'VR is here to stay', claims UK-based virtual reality entrepreneur

Sony has gone gangbusters for its Playstation VR launch marketing this week.

Everywhere, people are talking about VR in a big way, and it's potentially because good quality VR is now being affiliated with a console many people already have, rather than out-of-reach expensive PCs.

While it remains to be seen whether this is the crank of the chain that will make virtual reality roar fully into life, one Newcastle-based entrepreneur is convinced the tech is here to stay.

"The endless possibilities and user cases for VR in enterprise keeps growing," said Richard Coates, founder of commercial VR company Neutron VR.

"I have interest from more and more companies who are interested in doing some form of VR. With the PlayStation VR release, the VR platform is going to be even more mainstream and I see huge growth in this sector over the next 12-18 months," he told VR Tech News.

Neutron VR is behind a number of McDonald's VR experiences, including its franchisee VR store configurator, and has also worked on offshort industry VR traiing modules. It's just been shortlisted for the Nectar Business Small Business Awards' in the Best use of Technology category, which is judged by a panel of business experts and led by BBC Dragon Sarah Willingham.

From gaming to enterprise

The team behind the company - Coates and co-founder Dinesh Kumar - have gaming experience, but it is within the enterprise market that the pair are seeking to carve their niche. 

"We decided to transfer our skills into the commercial arena. We've since recruited a number of game technology and engine experts into our growing team to help set us apart from most other VR production studios" Coates told VR Tech News. 

I have interest from more and more companies who are interested in doing some form of VR

The studio, launched in 2014, now has 13 staff and hopes to expand to 20 by the end of this year. It focuses on not just lower end experiences for the Samsung GearVR and Google Cardboard, but also creates high-end, immersive, realtime VR on the Vive and Oculus Rift.

The company uses high-end, gaming-spec hardware with NVidia 1060 and higher. It also uses render farms for renders and lighting baking, as well as 3DS Max, Unreal Engine, Unity Engine, Photoshop.

Earlier this year, the Neutron team were invited to HTC Vive's head office, where the head of tech reviewed some of the company's experiences, and gave the team development kits and support to help Neutron progress its VR tech.

And indeed it will progress - as releases such as today's Playstation VR shows, with more tech, releases and updates to come in the years ahead. It's certainly an exciting time for virtual reality.

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