The lowdown on Playstation VR and where to buy in the UK


Sony’s Playstation VR is coming to the UK this Thursday, bringing gaming VR to the masses.

If you already have a PS4 and a Playstation Camera (£39 if not), you’re good to go. There’s no real need to buy the Move Controllers just yet as it’s not known which games will require these.

Specs-wise, the headset runs 120 frames per second, has a built in mic and 3D audio, as well as giving players the ability to project what they’re seeing on to their screen in Mirror Mode.

Reviews about the Playstation VR have been coming in fast and thick from mainstream media over the last week, and they have been, predictably, mixed.

The Guardian gave the headset glowing praise, while both Polygon and The Verge have some very good words to say about the system as a whole.

Some reviewers however say they are noticing as a slight “wobble” to the image every now and again.

According to Stuff’s review of the Playstation VR there’s a slight niggle with the image on occasion, but, as they note, this may be something that’s unique to them - and in any case, easily fixable.

Games available at launch include a range of pretty impressive-looking titles, such as Batman: Arkham VR, Driveclub VR and Eve: Valkyrie. It also comes with a demo disk, previewing some of the games from the full list, available on the Playstation website and includes:

In terms of what you get with the headset, check out this official unboxing video that shows off all the gear:

If you want to try the Playstation VR before you buy, Playstation is holding trials of the PSVR in various UK cities - including Edinburgh, Bristol and Manchester - and you can check when and where via this tool.

But if your heart’s already set on it, you can buy online or in store from a variety of retailers. Most have the same or similar deals, but certain outlets will let you trade in old games or consoles to offset the cost, such as GAME.

Here’s a list of the top retailers with Playstation VR offers around the UK:

It’s difficult to predict how well this unit will go in terms of sales before Christmas, but if it is a gift on someone’s wish list, you would do better to grab it sooner rather than later.

Are you buying a PSVR? Let us know where and why by commenting below.

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