Infographic: The rise and rise of augmented reality eyewear


It's rare we publish infographics, but we spotted this quirky piece from Frames Direct and couldn't help sharing. 

The eyewear company has put together a short timeline of visual and VR devices - from 1800's stereoscopic photos, to 1960's sensorama. 

It also outlines the AR eyewear on the market at the moment, which is predicted to be a $90bn industry in just a few years. 

"Facebook is now working on Augmented Reality glasses that will allow wearers to interact with both their digital and real worlds simultaneously. Both Sony and Samsung are working on contact lenses that can differentiate between conscious and subconscious blinking, allowing you to control what you see on them. 

"As technology advances, VR and AR will be available in your glasses, contacts, and other wearables. You will have the ability to be instantly connected with people across the globe as though you were in their environment, or you could check up on a friend’s status on social media by seeing their avatar interacting in its current environment," Frames Direct said.

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26 Jun 2016, 8:36 p.m.

MR going to grow beyond VR and AR!
Mixed Reality (MR) will be the Final Medium that enhances tech in every industry!
Microsoft, MagicLeap, Meta2 and more are already building MR Worlds!
Good article!
Thanks & Cheers!