Oculus launches Parties and Rooms for GearVR


There’s no two ways about it, gaming is fun. And it’s even better when you get a group of your friends together online for a good, old-fashioned session.

That’s something virtual reality was sort of missing, until now. Of course, apps such as AltSpace sought to bridge the social gap, but in-game parties was that little piece missing from the puzzle.

But now Oculus has launched Rooms and Parties for Gear VR, two experiences that lets you do just that.

Rooms and Parties will become available for Rift sometime in the New Year, according to Oculus.

First step is finding your friends; and you can do this by linking your Oculus account with Facebook or by searching for people via real or Oculus usernames.

Once you’ve found your clan, click connect and then you can see when they are online, start a voice call or enter into an experience together.

Party then lets you and up to three friends join in on a voice call from anywhere in VR by clicking the Party tab on Oculus Home.

Once in a Party, you can bring your friends to a private virtual space, Oculus Rooms, an experience that aims to mirror how people ‘hang out’ with mates in real life.

From there, you can gather around the TV, watch videos, play matching or guessing games or jump into a multiplayer game.

“This is just the beginning of social VR,” according to Oculus.

“We’ll continue building fun ways to share presence and take social interactions in VR to a whole new level.” And with Zuckerberg behind it all, we’re definitely not doubting it.

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