Oculus' Medium experiences lets you create 3D printed, sculpted objects out of thin air


Imagine a world where you can sculpt something with your bare hands, but without tools or materials - and then print those very objects in 3D so that they become real.

It’s quite incredible how just a few years ago, this may seem like pure science fiction, but in just 12 months, virtual reality is enabling us to create art out of thin air.

This is what Oculus’ new experience for Touch, Medium, allows people to do. It’s free when you buy and set up your Touch controllers from the Oculus Store, and you can then get creating straight away sculpting 3D art.

The experience lets people “sculpt, model, paint and create tangible things in a VR environment”, in Oculus’ words, and it’s a tool aimed at everyone from the most amateur to the most expert of artists.

Touch controllers give the experience a natural, tactile feel and enable intuitive hand gestures which is pretty much essential for sculpting anything. You can’t create Michelangelo with clunky, laggy movements.

Coupled with binaural audio, the experience reinforces what users can see and provides spatial clues for what you don’t, Choy told Oculus.

“VR throws UI conventions out the window and opens new discoveries in this interaction space,” she said.

Oculus is banking on Medium being a community and shared space, in which people can learn from one another. Users can share videos of their sculpting sessions, which should in turn lead to ‘tutorial’ type experiences.

In all, it’s an app that shows the power of VR and the potential impact on the design world - should it become a mainstream feature of the industry’s tech.

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