Why VR is so effective at expressing humanitarian causes

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VR is central to getting across an understanding of the refugee experience, according to the curator of VR exhibitions at Sheffield Doc/Fest Mark Atkin.

Speaking in a new two-minute video published by the Thomson Reuters Foundation, he takes a look at the theme of VR and empathy and discusses how VR's being used to help people understand refugees' plights and humanitarian issues.

“It’s certainly not good enough just to take your camera and stick...

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National Theatre launches studio to develop VR and 360 projects


The UK's National Theatre (NT) has launched a new 'Immersive Storytelling Studio' to commission both VR and 360 degree projects.

This will form part of the National Theatre’s new work department, in collaboration with its digital development team. The studio will examine how VR and 360 video can help them "to be a pioneer of dramatic storytelling".

The idea for an Immersive Storytelling Studio came after an experiment the National Theatre did with VR back in...

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New BBC app to host Olympic VR content


The Rio Olympics kick off this weekend, and fans in the UK can watch some of the Games in VR with the BBC Sport 360 app.

The app is part of a trial and was developed with the Olympic Broadcasting Service to offer 360 coverage of the Games.

BBC Sport said it's taken taken part in the trial to learn more about the tech and understand audience needs, so it can shape future plans for VR content.

"This is an emerging and exciting area, which we will explore further after the games," the BBC...

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Facebook's new hardware labs will experiment with VR


Oculus owner Facebook has launched a new custom engineering lab aimed at to testing out and prototyping VR hardware and tech.

The lab, Area 404, will use machine tools, testing equipment and expert model makers to develop hardware in areas including infrastructure and connectivity as well as VR, in the form of its Surround 360 camera rig and Oculus.

The new...

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VR and AR named in list of top tech to watch by PwC


Virtual and augmented reality have made it onto a list of eight essential technologies CEOs and company owners need to watch out for right now.

According to the PwC report Tech breakthrough megatrend, VR and AR are both ones businesses should watch over the next three to five years.

Artificial intelligence topped the list, with augmented reality coming in second, then blockchain, drones, IOT, robots, virtual reality and...

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US company launches VR courtroom offering


Virtual reality in the courtroom could happen a lot quicker than we think, thanks to trials such as the one being carried out by Staffordshire University in the UK. 

The use of VR could not only cut court costs, a leading digital lawyer had previously told VRTech, but really show jurors the full picture of what happened at a particular event and help them make potentially a more informed...

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Half of consumers more likely to buy from a brand with VR experience


Virtual reality is helping brands everywhere to enhance their marketing, and it appears to be having a positive effect so far. According to new research by Greenlight VR, over half of consumers say they’re more likely to buy from a brand that sponsors a VR experience.

The VR Consumer Adoption Report surveyed over 1,300 consumers in the US about how they felt toward VR and brands who use it.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, almost everyone who hadn’t used VR...

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Around 40% of 16 - 24 year olds interested in VR, report says


The influential part millennials have to play in adopting new tech and making it mainstream isn’t something that can be disputed.

From social networks such as Snapchat - which has a primarily younger audience - to the rise of the iPod, iPhone and later, iPad, 16 - 30 year olds with high amounts of disposable income and more tech-savviness are central to new tech spreading through current culture.

Virtual reality is no different. The younger generation, in search of more involved,...

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VR helps children conquer their fear of water

We all know by now that VR has more uses than just gaming and particularly in the healthcare industry. So far, it's taken on the form of a pain-relieving tool, a way to lessen paranoia and has even been adopted into US hospitals.

But the latest issue it's aiming to tackle is hydrophobia: a fear of water. 

Energy company E.ON, the Swedish Swimming Federation and M&C Saatchi Stockholm...

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Why VR, AR and mixed reality are the ‘fourth wave’ of consumer computing


If we take the PC, the internet, and mobile as the first three waves of consumer computing, then what comes next? According to a report from research firm Digi-Capital, it’s virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR).

The proclamation, which appears in the analysts’ latest Q216 augmented and virtual reality report (subscription required), argues that while VR has two distinct forms,...

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