How virtual reality is driving a new chapter in film

Before the 1890s, the idea of a motion picture seemed nearly impossible. Fast forward to the 2000s, and the idea of a three-dimensional (3D) cinematic experience almost feels like a phenomenon of yesteryear.

Despite early success, the past five to six years have fallen quite flat for 3D films. While the release of “Avatar” in late 2009 generated a record-high 2.79 billion dollars in global box revenue, a lack of in-home adoption remained.


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Emotional engagement '27% higher' in VR than in 2D


Virtual reality's many uses are becoming more and more apparent as sales of the tech continue to increase. 

One recent neuroscience-informed research study from YuMe and Nielson has found that marketers are certainly one group of professionals set to benefit from using VR within their industry. 

The strong emotional engagement clicited by virtual reality experiences (27% higher than in a 2D environment) is one big draw...

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World's first 3D printed, VR art to be showcased in 2017


Art and technology are fields that coming together increasingly; and virtual reality is not to be left out of the equation. 

As such, the Royal Academy of Arts (RA) and HTC Vive have partnered up on a project that will be showcased this coming January: Virtually Real. This is thought to be the first time artwork created in virtual reality has been brought into the physical world through the medium of 3D printing and exhibited in a major global art institution.

RA Schools alumni Adham...

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MIT develops wireless VR technology prototype


You may have already heard the one about the limited supply of add-ons that will make HTC's Vive headset tetherless, but here's some better news: MIT has developed a prototype that does this for any VR headset. 

Its Computer Science and AI Laboratory (CSAIL) has recently unveiled a prottype system, MoVR, that enables untethered communication at a rate of multiple Gbps. 

The system uses high frequency...

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Google set to bring virtual reality app Expeditions to more UK classrooms

Floating around the International Space Station or standing at the foot of Machu Picchu isn’t something many people will have the chance to do in their lifetime, but you certainly can with Google’s Expeditions app.

This is particularly useful for bringing to life abstract concepts and places for classroom students, and Google has seen great success with its adoption in US school.

It has already also been trialled with some UK students, and

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You can now explore Australia and book flights from a VR app

Australian airline Qantas has launched virtual reality app Qantas VR to help travellers explore Australia before going on a trip.

The app is available for iPhone, Android, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, and the HTC Vive devices.

It showcases Australia’s distinctive landscape through a series of immersive videos, and offers two modes: split screen or Google Cardboard and 2D landscape for viewing directly on a...

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How a VR director creates an empathy-driven virtual reality experience


Virtual reality is an infant who has just learned to stand up. We’re living through the early developmental stages of a new medium and I’m thrilled to be part of that learning process.

My background as a traditional film director brought me to the virtual reality company YouVisit. As a VR director at YouVisit, my work runs the gamut from tourism, to education, and entertainment for both the commercial and non-profit sector. I recently had the good fortune to work on an action-driven VR...

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Christmas set to double number of VR headsets in British households


Virtual and augmented reality were always going to be hard-hitters this Christmas, but new research has revealed 10% of UK homes expect to have "some form" of VR tech by the big day.

The research, carried out by retailer Carphone Warehouse, said this would double the number of households in the UK who currently have virtual reality tech of some kind. 

VR tops the list of wearable tech expected to grow this year, taking the lead at 172% over smartwatches (49%) and fitness...

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VR video revenues will hit $8.2bn by 2020, analysts say


Video as an area in itself is becoming more and more important in today’s smartphone-driven age.

Throughout last year, mobile video plays exceeded 44%, according to Oolya, and Facebook’s video views have shot up to billions per day. Content creators are looking to create video in a variety of instances that works with as well as without sound, as many people are now watching without turning the volume up.

We can spout video stats at you all day, but the fact of the matter...

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How VR will change the face of education and professional training

(c)iStock/Jacob Ammentorp Lund

Once regarded a science fiction fantasy, the idea of a virtual environment is now a very possible future. In fact, Facebook has even announced that it will soon launch a virtual reality (VR) social network with simulated avatars.

VR works because it puts people at the epicentre of an experience and has the potential to dramatically change the way we approach education and the world of work.


When it comes to education, VR creates a...

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