BBC tries out VR with exclusive content


The BBC’s announced its testing out virtual reality and 360 degree video content from today via its BBC Taster platform.

Its first VR experiments include Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel, We Wait, and Home – A VR Spacewalk, which premiere at Sheffield Doc Fest this week.

The BBC’s been experimenting with 360 degree video and binaural sound for a number of years, but this is the first time it’s created ‘true’ VR content.

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Gartner names VR as third top smartphone capability for year ahead


Gartner’s named virtual and augmented technology as some of the smartphone capabilities that’ll have the biggest impact in coming years.

In its new report "Top 10 Smartphone Technologies and Capabilities in 2016 and 2017,” Gartner lists AR/VR as third on the list, below fast and wireless charging.

VR/AR has the potential to unlock new business models,...

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Augmented set to grow faster than virtual reality globally, new report claims


Augmented reality is ahead of virtual reality in terms of global market growth - and is set to continue all the way to 2020, according to a new report. 

Research and Markets published research this week looking into the two markets. It found AR was valued at $2.35bn last year, and estimates it'll reach $117bn by 2022. 

In contrast, the VR market's an estimated $1.37bn and may reach £33bn six years. AR's growth rate is set to be higher due to "interest shown...

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In-depth: Virtual reality in the courtroom could happen quicker than we think


The use of virtual reality in courtrooms “could happen within a relatively quick space of time” if it’s seen as being beneficial, according to a leading UK digital solicitor.

Peter Wright of DigitalLaw UK told VR Tech News the technology has the scope to make a significant impact in helping jurors come to the right conclusion in cases, as well as decreasing the time spent explaining complex...

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Oculus launches philanthropic 'VR for Good' initiative

Gabo Arora’s recent 360 video of a Syrian refugee in Jordan captured the hearts and minds of the world, allowing us to virtually step inside a refugee camp.

The video even went on to raise $3.8bn for UNICEF, showing just how powerful VR can be in terms of raising awareness and funds for important causes.

This is something Oculus appears to have recognised, too. It’s kicked off a new campaign,

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Steven Spielberg thinks VR is going to 'take hold in a profound way'


Director Steven Spielberg has told a Chinese news channel that he thinks the industry is moving into a “dangerous medium” with virtual reality (VR).

Speaking in a video interview with CCTV News at Cannes Film Festival, Spielberg said the freedom VR gives film viewers may take something away from the storyteller.

“I say it’s dangerous, because it...

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Level of investment in augmented and virtual reality 25 x higher than two years ago


Tech M&A adviser Digi-Capital has released a report analysing venture capital investments over the last 12 months to the first quarter of 2016.

It found that $1.2bn (£1.1bn) was invested in the first quarter of this year alone, 25 times the level of augmented and virtual reality investment two years ago in the second quarter of 2014.

A large chunk of this ($800m or £553m)...

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How this architecture firm is using VR to engage clients with its work


Being a young architectural and design firm, we are very keen on innovations and new technologies that can help us do our job better, more efficiently and to answer our clients' needs as accurately as possible. 

We started using VR extensively about a year ago when the Samsung Gear VR was released. At the time, we were starting our design process on an office refurbishment and having briefly tested the device in a nearby shop, we were immediately convinced that it...

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New report highlights US tech-lovers' thoughts on virtual reality


A report into how tech-loving Americans feel about virtual reality (VR) has shown over 60% have no plans to buy hardware over the next year or two.

The survey, carried out by app and software download platform Softonic, included results from primarily students or full-time workers aged from 15 - 24 years of age.

Price is cited as the top reason for not wanting to buy the technology, but it could also be because 72% of the...

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