Visbit open beta allows 4K resolution 360 videos streaming over wi-fi

Visbit is realising their service into open beta, following a successful closed beta period that began in December 2016. The release marks the first time an end-to-end platform offering streaming of 4K and above resolution VR 360-degree videos over wi-fi and LTE for mobile VR devices.

The all-in-one service includes a publisher portal, VR cloud and VR player SDK. The service aims to simplify the management and delivery of ultra-high definition content for users at reduced...

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Is the web a viable VR platform?

Is streaming VR content over your browser feasible in the foreseeable future?

Jamieson Brettle of Google thinks so.

At his talk at the VR World Congress 2017 in Bristol, Brettle spoke about the opportunities and challenges of streaming VR content over the web. He also spoke about some of the specifc projects that are trying to bring VR to your web browser.

Web VR makes a lot of sense when it comes to consumers. The barriers to entry for consumers are much lower, apps are easily downloadable, and it is easy to...

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VR market review: VR World Congress 2017

Carl Hibbert of Futuresource Consulting provided the audience with a review of the VR market and possible future trends.

The presentation started with a perhaps surprising bit of research that asked people who had already tried VR which piece of hardware they had used. 31% said Samsung VR, 15% said Playstation VR and 14% cited Google Cardboard.

Futuresource are anticipating that 90 million VR and AR units will be being sold annually around the world by 2021.

An interesting...

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VR DROP AND SHARE allows anyone to create and share VR experiences

VR DROP AND SHARE, the first free mobile platform for creating and VR experiences, has launched.

The platform allows people to use the same VR space as other people, which they can create using 360 degree photos. These shared spaces are called ‘VR drops’.

Users will be able to add voice over to help bring their self-created VR experiences to life.

The platform only requires a powerful smartphone to create, share and view content.

You can see a video here.


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HTC Vive launch subscription service

HTC Vive are set to launch the world’s first subscription-model service for VR apps.

The new service will give Vive owners a single place to find the ever-growing number of VR apps and discover new releases. The service will be available for a monthly fee.

The launch will feature a one month free trial for all new users.

‘A natural evolution’

“The marketplace for Vive apps has grown at a tremendous pace with more than 1,600 titles now available across different app stores and over 30...

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NCTech unveils new VR camera

Edinburgh-based NCTech has unveiled its new LASiris VR camera at the SPAR 3D conference.

The camera combines depth capture with 360-degree imaging for 3D visualisation. The company states that it hopes the camera will put “professional grade reality capture into the hands of both technical and non-technical users”.

By lowering the barriers to adoption and allowing users to effectively create their own VR content, the company hopes to target a number of diverse sectors.

As well as organisations...

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Janus VR turns webpages into interactive spaces

From Snow Crash to Futurama, the idea that VR will allow people to interact with the internet as a multi-dimensional space has long been a trope of science fiction.

Now Janus VR are making that trope a reality.

The Toronto-based company, which bills itself as an immersive and collaborative internet browser, reimagines webpages as multi-dimensional portals. This pages are linked together by portals and allow users to experience webpages as VR content.

This means that users walk or fly through their favourite...

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ADVR launches VR and AR discovery marketing engine

The San Francisco based ADVR has secured $3 million in initial funding as it launches its discovery marketing engine for VR and AR.

The company claims the engine will “transform VR worlds into personalised discovery ecosystems that use advanced analytics to target and deliver dynamic in-world experiences.”

What does this mean? The engine will provide a content-marketing platform that can deliver dynamic or sponsored content using game dynamics to increase engagement by enhancing rather disrupting...

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10-set Vive bundle puts HTC VR in the classroom

The potential for VR to transform education has been espoused since the technology’s infancy. HTC Vive have made a move into the sector by releasing a multi-user Group Edition bundle for the Chinese market.  

Announced at the Vive Ecosystem Conference in Shenzhen, the Group Edition bundle includes 10 Business Edition headsets and two base stations. The offering is being priced at 49,999 yaun (roughly $7,260) and will be available for shipping in May.

This is around a 40% saving when compared to the...

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3D property tours could be about to change the real estate business

Realvision has completed a $1.3 million round of seed funding to begin developing its 3D property tour product.

Realvision Tours will provide estate agents with a range of content marketing tools, including VR-ready, interactive 3D tours of available property and auto-generated floor plans.

“Our platform is engineered to beat tomorrow’s disruption today.” Realvision’s co-founder Bryn Erickson said.

“Tomorrow is a moving target and this funding will help us develop for the future...

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