Amazon UK lists pre-order page for Oculus Touch controllers

(c)Amazon screenshot

Retailers around the world are getting ready for the Oculus Touch launch - and here in the UK, Amazon has just made a pre-order page live.

The page, which is still live, says the controllers will be £189.99 and have a release date of 23 November. This is in line with another pre-order page by German retailer Media Markt which said last month the controllers would come in at about...

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Google announces Daydream View apps and headset


Google’s announced its first Daydream-ready smartphones, as well more info on its self-made Daydream View headset.

The tech giant also confirmed 30 experiences that will be ready to go when the headset launches.

Vice president of virtual reality at Google Clay Bavor outlined the £69 Daydream View headset in further detail in a blog post this week.

The company has been working with smartphone companies, content...

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Gamers will drive VR hardware adoption to over $50bn by 2021

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Research from Juniper has provided insight on the expected revenues which VR hardware is expected to generate within the next five years.

While there's a question over the power of current games consoles to deliver high-caliber gaming experiences, the pre-orders for the first PlayStation VR (PSVR) sold out within minutes. Whether this indicates significant interest or lack of...

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Bitmore launches affordable VR viewer with bluetooth remote

UK tech product firm Bitmore has launched an upgraded version of its virtual reality headset, the Bitmore Eye VR.

Version two is on sale at the budgetable price of £19.99 and comes with a bluetooth remote control that connects to your smartphone.

As you may have guessed, it's more of a VR viewer that works with your smartphone, rather than a tethered or standalone fully-VR headset. 

While some may be content with using the Google Cardboard to experience 360 video or other VR apps and games,...

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UK consumers think VR headsets are too expensive, survey says


Oculus Rift launches in the UK this week, but the price may be a barrier to consumers adopting the tech, according to a survey by IT market analysis firm CONTEXT.

While 23% said they would see themselves using a headset once or twice per month, 40% said VR headsets are too expensive.

About a third of the 2,500 consumers surveyed said they would pay about £100 to £200 for a headset, and 21% said they’d pay under £100.

Rift’s price tag of £549 - and...

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Microsoft 'exploring virtual reality options' for Project Scorpio


Microsoft said it’s exploring virtual reality options for its Project Scorpio console, due out during “holiday season” 2017.

In an interview with USA Today, Microsoft Studios Publishing general manager Shannon Loftis said the games for the console, which will support VR, will also be able to render at 4k.

“Any games we’re making that we’re launching in the...

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UK startup develops 'wafer thin' virtual reality tracking sensors for headsets

A UK based startup that’s only been around for under a year has developed a tech that tracks facial expressions in virtual reality devices.

Emteq, based in Brighton, uses artificial intelligence  (AI) and tiny sensors to read the electrical signals generated by muscle movement.

This in turn allows someone’s digital avatar, for example, to respond to the changes, without the need for face-tracking cameras.

The tech - or Faceteq, as the company’s calling it - is being developed with an...

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Alcatel launches standalone virtual reality headset and new 360 cameras


A standalone virtual reality headset has just been announced by budget smartphone maker Alcatel.

The VISION headset doesn’t need a computer or smartphone to work and comes with 17 millisecond latency - the lowest available, as well as a 120 degree field of vision.

There’s no price just yet but Alcatel says it’ll be “entry-level” and affordable, with CNET quoting around...

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Updated Samsung Gear VR headset starts shipping


The new and improved Samsung Gear VR has started shipping this week alongside the Galaxy Note 7, with several new games and experiences launching on the Oculus Store.

The Gear VR has had some improvements made to its existing design, including a better field of view, being made lighter and more comfortable, a larger touchpad, an Oculus button and interchangeable micro-USB port and USB-C support.

This opens the...

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HTC Vive 'most talked about headset' on social media, says Adobe report


The HTC Vive has overtaken Oculus Rift as the most ‘talked about’ VR headset online, according to a new Adobe Digital Insights report.

In the 2016 Gaming report, the stats showed a decrease in online mentions of the Microsoft Hololens, Playstation VR and Oculus Rift - but a 115% increase in people talking about the Vive.

The research analysed 20 million social mentions on sites like Reddit, Facebook, Twitter,...

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