Fundsurfer seeing rise in companies asking about VR/AR investment


The current major players in the VR headset and software space are slowly creeping worldwide. With Oculus Rift’s launch in Europe and Canada this autumn, Intel and Microsoft’s announcements to make VR experiences available on mainstream PCs and more, it’s clear access to the tech will open up for a wider net of the global population.

And where there’s enterprise, there are startups and companies wanting a slice of the action. The major players aren’t the only pieces...

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You can start demoing Oculus Rift in the UK very soon

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Oculus Rift is coming to the UK, and from 20 September you may be able to demo it potentially at a local Curry’s PCWorld, GAME, John Lewis or Harrods.

It’s not known which stores and cities the Rift will be demoed, but Oculus did say it would add more locations to its list in due course.

The company announced back in May that it would roll out demos to Europe and Canada, as it offered places in Best Buy stores...

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Intel announces new 'merged reality' project and Microsoft partnership

We've had virtual, augmented and mixed reality so far, but now Intel are throwing their own buzzword into the ring: merged reality.

The computing giant announced Project Alloy at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) yesterday, an all-in-one VR solution created from the ground up.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich announced that the headset will have computer and sensors integrated directly into it. It'll leverage the recently updated 

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NVIDIA's new graphics tech is good news for mobile VR


When OSVR's Yuval Boger spoke to VR Tech News about virtual reality gaming on affordable PCs a few weeks ago, we didn't realise it was a possibility that's just around the corner.

Top-spec and expensive gaming PCs have been the way forward for most when it comes to high-end VR headsets and experiences; but now NVIDIA is promising something more: VR on the go.


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Chinese company announces slimline, lightweight VR glasses


A Chinese company has developed the first version of a lightweight pair of VR glasses that can be used with a PC, smartphone or their own Android device.

Dlodlo (dodo) is reportedly launching a Kickstarter campaign very soon. Its Dlodlo glasses weigh just 88g - less than a bar of soap - can be folded to fit inside a pocket and are 16mm thick.

The sunglasses-like headset is made up of carbon fibre composite and comes with a ThinVR bionic optical imaging system with a 105...

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Universities not well equipped to deal with VR programme development, survey finds


Universities around the world aren't that well equipped to cater for the interest in developing VR programmes, a new survey has revealed. 

Crytek asked 201 universities worldwide about their views on VR, and found around 88% are either planning or already offering a virtual reality course. 

But, there appears to be on average less than two headsets available per university. 

Crytek runs the VR First initiative, which is aimed at providing up-to-date facilities to...

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Samsung Gear VR's facelift: The main changes


Samsung's announced the launch of its latest and greatest smartphone, the Note 7. With enhanced security, battery and visual specs, it's also given its Gear VR headset a minor face lift in honour of the occasion. 

The Note 7's 5.7 QHD Super Amoled display means it's HDR video streaming ready, and supports the new Gear 360 camera. The new phone camera and revamped Gear are due out on 19 August and you can pre-order the three from this week.

The main differences...

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Vive headsets now more expensive in UK following Brexit

HTC has announced a price increase on its Vive headsets in the UK due to "currency valuation changes". 

In a message to its customers via its website this week, the company said it would raise the price of its popular Vive headset to £759 plus postage and packaging as of today.

While it didn't directly say the word 'Brexit', the price increase is down to the pound's...

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PlayStation reveals PS VR play area size

(c) Studio

With just a few months to go to the PS VR launch, PlayStation has revealed the play area size you’ll need to use the new headset.

New documentation has revealed an area size of around 60 square feet is needed, and tells players to keep seated where possible while playing.

The brochure also tell of what hardware players will need to use PS VR: namely the headset itself, a PlayStation camera, DUALSHOCK 4 and Move controllers for some...

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OSVR wants to create VR experiences on affordable PCs


Just as Android democratised the mobile operating system for mobile devices, so too is OSVR (or Open Source Virtual Reality) trying to do the same for VR.

Its HDK2 and HMD starts shipping in a few days, so we spoke to CEO of VR firm Sensics and co-founder of OSVR, Yuval Boger, about what the project is trying to achieve.

Affordable VR for everyone is certainly one of OSVR’s objectives, and it’s even looking at how it can make experiences...

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