HelloVR announces new social VR environment, MetaWorld


Imagine a cross between AltSpaceVR and Minecraft, then add the ability to build whatever you want and take advantage of room-scale VR to wander across 10,000 square miles, all from a headset. 

Sounds good right? Well, it's not too good to be true - MetaWorld, developed by California-based HelloVR, is coming your way later this year. 

It's touting itself as the...

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E3's VR announcements to stir China's gaming industry

E3 might have been last month, but the games, tech and products announced at the event are still having a ripple effect around the world.

Virtual reality was a big part of this 2016’s conference in particular, noticeably more so than in previous years.

The announcements in particular have scope to bolster the global gaming market in general, but it will also have an affect on various regions. China in particular is set to benefit from the new opportunities VR gaming will throw up - that’s at least according to...

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Nintendo insists more research in VR needed as Pokemon GO tops gaming charts


Gaming giant Nintendo has given a ringing lack of endorsement towards VR in its latest shareholders’ annual general meeting, arguing it still needs to do more research before ploughing ahead.

Shigeru Miyamoto, senior managing director and creative fellow at Nintendo, told shareholders last week when quizzed over whether ‘serious research’ on virtual, augmented and mixed reality will be taking place: “For VR in particular, we are continuing our research, and...

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Sony sets virtual reality at heart of its growth plans

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Sony’s got its sights set firmly on virtual reality as an area of growth, it said ahead of its October 2016 PlaystationVR launch.

This week, it released a mid-range corporate plan for the next two years, outlining where it wants to take the business.

Sony’s a company that’s gone through quite a transformation over the last few years. Since CEO Kazuo Hirai came into the business, it’s moved away...

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Opinion: The future of VR and the challenges which need to be overcome


Virtual reality is not a new medium in itself, it’s actually been around for decades with one of the first uses being the Sensorama by Morten Heilig. This crazy machine not only showed visuals and sound but also scent, a real trailblazer. VR went on to be used by NASA, the US army, in gaming arcades and all over popular culture through the 70s, 80s and 90s, apparently falling into obscurity in early 2000s.


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Six E3 virtual reality announcements you need to know about


Unless you've been hiding under a rock somewhere for the last few days, no doubt you'll have heard VR is a pretty big deal at this year's E3 conference - and predictably so. 

But there have been some surprises pulled out of the bag by key vendors, including Microsoft, Sony and Ubisoft:

1. Microsoft's Project Scorpio

Alongside the 40% slimmer Xbox One console, the $300 Xbox S which launches in August, Microsoft also...

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How the Dark Ride Project is saving indoor amusements with virtual reality

Before cinema took hold of the media landscape of the 20th century, the way we experienced storytelling was very different. Fairgrounds were the main place to experience technology and attractions featured combinations of animatronics, projection, and sound. 

These were the early days of virtual reality, taking place at the amusement park in the tunnel of love, ghost train, and haunted house rides. 

These complicated media experiences are part of a collective memory that spans four generations and...

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Lenovo announces VR partnership with Movidius


Movidius has announced a strategic partnership to provide advanced vision processing technology to VR-centric Lenovo products.

The first products are due out in the later half of this year, according to the company, which specialises in ultra-low power machine vision technology.

Under the partnership, Lenovo will be able to source the Myriad 2 Vision Processing Unit (VPU) and custom computer...

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Now you can play old-school pinball via your VR headset

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Many gamers love a bit of old-school action, and sometimes fresh-out-of-the-box, shiny new games just won't do. 

This can be particularly true of new tech such as VR. But if you're occassionally feeling nostalgic, the world's oldest and largest producer of pinball machines has a treat for you. 

Stern Pinball has launched its Pinball Arcade on the Oculus Store this week, in a partnership with FarSight Studios. It's already been downloaded over 20 million...

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