Turtle Beach to launch first ever gaming VR headset at Gamescom

Turtle Beach is launching what it says is the first ever VR gaming headset at this year’s Gamescom 2016.

Alongside the new wireless Stealth 520 and 420X+ headsets for Xbox and Playstation, it’s also launching the Stealth 350VR for VR devices.

The VR headset’s set to launch around 9 October and come in at about £59.99. It has over 30 hours of battery powered amplification, a variable bass boost and an ergonomic design that provides clearance for VR headsets and cables.

According to...

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HTC to launch dedicated VR app store Viveport

HTC's launching its own app store for the Vive, the company announced at the VRLA conference recently.

Viveport will eventually roll out around the world, and developers can already register their interest in the store for the beta that will arrive in a few week's time.

It's not yet known if it'll replace Steam but it is an alternative, and Viveport will feature content across new categories for VR, like information, edutainment, social media, 360 video, news,...

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Pokémon Go popularity highlights AR security risks


Pokémon Go is now an AR global phenomenon, having experienced an unprecedented level of success in both official and unofficial locations.

Whilst the number of countries which officially offer it on their App Stores has increased, the fact that it was only available in the US, Australia and New Zealand during its initial launch has led to a number of counterfeit apps appearing on the iOS, Android and Google Play stores.

The incredible; seemingly overnight, popularity of the app...

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Owlchemy Labs raises $5m in series A funding from VR investors


Job Simulator creator Owlchemy Labs has raised $5m in series A funding from major VR investors, such as HTC, Qualcomm Ventures and The VR Fund.

The US-based company is six years old this year and focuses on making humorous but polished VR games, such as the upcoming Rick and Morty, being launched with Adult Swim Games.

Its Job Simulator offering...

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New creative VR festival launching in September


A German festival is launching what it calls the 'first' creative VR festival in Europe at the end of September, aimed at showcasing the best in VR, MR and 360 video.

binge.watch will be part of global music festival Reeperbahn in Hamburg,whch brings together over 700 conccerts and events and will be visited by over 32,000 people during the four days. 

The VR leg of it will have its own 'VR Lounge', a forum where creators, producers, technologists, marketers and...

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VR film review: Baobab Studios' Invasion!

I recently had the pleasure of viewing VR film Invasion! at Baobab Studios, co-founded by CEO Maureen Fan, former VP of Games for Zynga, and Eric Darnell whose credits include writing and directing  the animated film Madagascar.

Having never viewed a VR film before, I wasn't sure what to expect. Given that I can view 360 degrees of a scene, how do I know when and where to look? 

Do I wander around or does all the action happen around me? And if so, does it get overwhelming...

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Swedish VR studio launches game preview after $1.8m seed round


A Swedish VR games studio has just closed a $1.8m seed around and launched its inaugural game, SVRVIVE as a pre-alpha demo on Steam for the HTC VIVE. 

Games studio and distributor SVRVIVE AB has an interesting team, including the former head of digital comms for popular artist AVICII. It was co-founded by entrepreneur Faviana Vangelius and game developers Hampus Granberg and Pontus...

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What will it really take for VR to go mainstream?


There is no doubting that consumers, especially the gaming variety, consider VR to be an exciting form of emerging technology. It offers unparalleled levels of immersion, but despite the availability of inexpensive devices like Google's Cardboard Viewer, the tech has yet to become mainstream.

As with many emerging technologies, it seems likely that the driving force behind VR’s popularity will be gaming and gamers, and both Sony and Microsoft have announced that they have VR...

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Vive headsets now more expensive in UK following Brexit

HTC has announced a price increase on its Vive headsets in the UK due to "currency valuation changes". 

In a message to its customers via its website this week, the company said it would raise the price of its popular Vive headset to £759 plus postage and packaging as of today.

While it didn't directly say the word 'Brexit', the price increase is down to the pound's...

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Meet the Global VR Challenge winners

A new initiative to explore and celebrate the best VR games dev talent and concepts has drawn to a close this year at the ChinaJoy gaming show. 

The Global VR Challenge was run by Bath-based Steel Media and Chinese VR company DeePoon. 

VR talent from all over the world took part in the challenge, which ended in a competition in which 16 finalists (10 from outside of China) battlede it out to scoop the top prize.

All finalists got a range of VR hardware and some got a share of the $35,000 cash prize...

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