Feral Rites launches for VR on the Oculus Store


Insomniac Games has launched its latest virtual reality action-packed adventure game, Feral Rights.

The title launches on the Oculus Store this week for around £39.99 and has been a long time coming from Insomniac.

Earlier this year it teased VR enthusiasts with a trailer and has since released its Edge of Nowhere title, which enjoyed a pretty good reception.

Feral Rights will see you jump into the role of a protagonist who needs to avenge...

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US amusement parks launch Halloween VR horror experience

Horror fans in the US and Canada should probably pay a visit to one of three Cedar Fair Entertainment locations at Halloween, as they're debuting a pretty terrifying looking VR experience. 

FEARVR: 5150 uses Samsung Gear VR headsets to immerse guests into an original experience written and produced in-house.

The three locations hosting the attraction are Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park, California, Canada's Wonderland, Ontario, Canada, and California's Great America,...

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PlayStation VR to include free demo title disc on release

(c)PlayStation Europe

Can you believe it's just over a month until the PlayStation VR is here? The first up-to-date, mainstream game console virtual reality system is mere weeks away and we're very keen to see how it performs. 

We're still curious to find out how Trophies will work, but as far as titles are concerned PlayStation has more than sated our appetite for some hard-hitting games.

However, it's also just announced it'll include a demo disc for free with every PlayStation VR...

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Swedish brand launches free lumberjack game for HTC Vive

You can do some really madcap things in VR; from trying your hand at office life in a colourful, virtual reality world, to whirling your hands around like a windmill, chopping up fruit.

But did you know now you can also be a lumberjack?

If you're thinking it's a bit of a Scandinavian-sounding experience, you'd be right, as it's part of chainsaw brand Husqvarna and the Nordic branch (sorry) of digital...

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VR Game of the week: Oculus' Damaged Core


High Voltage Software, the studio that brought you Saints Row, Mortal Kombat X and The Conduit has made a foray into virtual reality games, and its latest offering looks set to be a good one. 

Action-packed Damaged Core is out now on the Oculus Store for £22.99 and is a first-person shooter with a difference. 

Jump into the shoes of a human-friendly AI; teleport into enemy robots and use their own weapons against them to reclaim a planet after a hostile machine...

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Playstation VR Worlds announced for October release


Playstation VR is on the horizon, and with a few months to go its London Studio has released news about a sort of 'Wii Sports' like compendium of PS VR experiences.

Playstation VR Worlds will include five different VR games and expeirences and give first-timers, as well as those well-versed, a taste of what virtual reality is like.  

The title will be launched 13 October and is set to come in at around £29.99 on the Playstation Store -

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HTC Vive 'most talked about headset' on social media, says Adobe report


The HTC Vive has overtaken Oculus Rift as the most ‘talked about’ VR headset online, according to a new Adobe Digital Insights report.

In the 2016 Gaming report, the stats showed a decrease in online mentions of the Microsoft Hololens, Playstation VR and Oculus Rift - but a 115% increase in people talking about the Vive.

The research analysed 20 million social mentions on sites like Reddit, Facebook, Twitter,...

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Space Rift playable demo now available on Steam store

Space lovers can explore the galaxies in a new celestial adventure available as a playable demo on Steam from this week, released by bitComposer and developer Vibrant Core.

VR only game Space Rift is available for the Oculus Rift, Vive, Gear VR and will be out on Playstation VR later this year. Players can whiz around the cinematic journey through space and choose their own scripted mission in a "complete game experience".

In case you want some background before...

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Turtle Beach to launch first ever gaming VR headset at Gamescom

Turtle Beach is launching what it says is the first ever VR gaming headset at this year’s Gamescom 2016.

Alongside the new wireless Stealth 520 and 420X+ headsets for Xbox and Playstation, it’s also launching the Stealth 350VR for VR devices.

The VR headset’s set to launch around 9 October and come in at about £59.99. It has over 30 hours of battery powered amplification, a variable bass boost and an ergonomic design that provides clearance for VR headsets and cables.

According to...

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