Have you tried Doom 3 on the HTC Vive yet?


A newly released mod now means you can play Doom 3 on the HTC Vive with its motion tracking controllers.

This only applies to the Doom BFG edition and is based on OpenVR, and there are numerous Reddit threads explaining how to give it a shot on your Vive.

One in particular, from AerowynX, tells players how they can use a good texture pack, provides step-by-step instructions on the mod and provides...

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Neutron VR wins UK small business award for 'best use of tech'

Newcastle-based commercial VR company Neutron VR has beaten hundreds of other small businesses to win an award for the Best Use of Technology at this year’s Nectar Business Small Business Awards.

This is the first time a virtual reality based business has won a Nectar award.

The VR business was commended for its creative use of technology and impressed the judging panel, including Dragon’s Den star Sarah Willingham.

Neutron VR uses gaming technology to improve other companies' enterprise and...

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How to hide from reality with this Hillary Wins VR experience

Waking up to the US presidential election results earlier this month, the first thing I thought was: “No, this can’t be real”.

Fingers poised over my Samsung keyboard, I hesitated at the thought of adding my views to a timeline that was already full and filling with shocked reactions.

But one idea quickly popped into my mind: an alternate world. Virtual reality.

Without thinking, I typed a quick quip:

“Well, 2016 sure is a good year for VR to become...

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New underwater adventure launches on Google Expeditions

We've heard a lot about Google's Expeditions app, but what about the amazing experiences it brings to classrooms around the world?

One such recently launched experience is an underwater submarine exploration of the Nekton mission to Bermuda. 

Via the app, students will see seventeen stunning images of submarine exploration in three new expeditions now featuring on the platform.

Virtual reality makes it easy for students to encounter these places and meet the scientists and others working there from...

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BBC’s virtual reality fairy tale launches on Daydream


The BBC's research and development department has been churning out virtual reality content, and its latest project has just been release on Google Daydream.

The Turning Forest is a virtual reality fairytale that was originally created for the Oculus Rift and th Tribeca Film Festival, but has now been enhanced and re-released for free on the Google Play Store.

According to the BBC, the Google Daydream version improves the spatial sound design, introduces new controller interactions and...

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Mobile VR game Rangi sets early 2017 release date

A mystical-looking virtual reality mobile game is set to launch in 2017, developed by a studio based in Casablanca, Morocco.

The independent studio annouced its new game, Rangi, will come out in the New Year and be set against an African tribal background.

Rangi will be a puzzle/adventure game for mobile, which allows players to explore the mythology of Africa through a series of puzzles in a virtual reality experience. 

According to the company, the game's VR experience is boosted by "compelling musical...

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New VR horror game out in time for Halloween

Those who are squeamish about horror virtual reality experiences: look away now. A new game has launched on Steam for the HTC VIVE ahead of Halloween that brings some fun to the horror genre, Sophie's Guardian. 

The VR survival-horror first-person-shooted game was produced by GameCoder and Render Farm Studios and features three game modes including 'Puppeteer'. This means players can share the VR experience with friends who don't own a VR headset. 

Other modes include Guardian and...

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Will virtual reality shake up the gambling industry?


The so-called ‘vice’ industries are often the driving force behind new technology, tending to demonstrate a greater appetite to pioneer revenue streams than safer, more traditional ecommerce sectors.

It is a pattern we saw during the early days of the internet, and again at the advent of the mobile revolution. The acceleration in mobile gambling has been astounding, and it now accounts for around 70% of revenues for most major sports betting operators.

Today, the gambling...

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New puzzle-based VR game due out for PSVR and Vive in 2017

(c)Stirfire Studios

A new puzzle-focused game is coming out for the Playstation VR and HTC Vive in early 2017.

In Symphony of the Machine, players will need to manipulate a ‘mysterious’ tower to control the weather and restore life to a post-apocalyptic world.

The Playstation VR is due out this week, but announcements on titles for the platform have been rolling in already for next year.

The game

After waking up in a sun-scorched desert, Symphony players will see a strange tower looming in the...

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The lowdown on Playstation VR and where to buy in the UK


Sony’s Playstation VR is coming to the UK this Thursday, bringing gaming VR to the masses.

If you already have a PS4 and a Playstation Camera (£39 if not), you’re good to go. There’s no real need to buy the Move Controllers just yet as it’s not known which games will require these.

Specs-wise, the headset runs 120 frames per second, has a built in mic...

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