BMW harnessing Unreal Engine for vehicle development

BMW is combining VR, 3D printing and technology transferred from the computer games industry to radically alter the way it develops it vehicles.

Whereas the world of product development for large-scale manufacturing has always been a long and costly process, the combination of three distinct technological advancements could be about to consign that to history.

The new process uses 3D printed prototype components with a VR environment based on Unreal Engine's real-time physics-based rendering.

This creates...

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Linden Lab’s VR world Sansar reminds me of OASIS from Ready Player One

The VR world being created by Linden Lab, Sansar, reminds me of OASIS from dystopian novel Ready Player One.

Without any spoilers – because the book should be on your reading list – Ready Player One features a VR world called ‘OASIS’ where people live, work, and learn, to escape from overpopulated cities devastated by the depletion of fossil fuels, global warming, and economic stagnation. Based in 2044, it offers an increasingly feasible look at where the world is heading without...

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Editorial: Increasing the appetite for VR with the right content

VR was everywhere at this year’s MWC, but the industry still has some work to do when it comes to increasing consumer appetite.

According to IBB Consumer Research, just 16 percent of surveyed consumers are interested in VR and 13 percent do not know what it even is. Of those who are interested in VR and own equipment, 44 percent received their headset as a gift or part of a bundle, 30 percent spent up to $99, 20 percent between $99 and $500, and just 6 percent spent more than $1000.

Reaching mass...

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HTC plans to enter the mobile VR arena

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With its handset business continuing to falter, HTC is banking on making a success of mobile VR to improve the company’s outlook.

HTC is best known for its smartphones, but their recent flagships have failed to stand out amid tough competition from the likes of Apple, Samsung, and LG. Last year, HTC’s profits dropped almost 80 percent ahead of their next flagship release.

Where HTC has managed to carve itself a place is within the emerging VR market...

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The outlook for VR in 2017: Hardware, content, and going beyond gaming long term


Having worked through 2016 with businesses and investors on the opportunities and risks of VR, it is clear to me that we are still in the foothills of the eventual impact of VR on a range of industries and business models.  Whilst fully realising the potential of VR will take years, even decades, I can make four predictions that are likely to be true in 2017:

Computer games will be a big winner in the short term

VR in computer gaming is an attractive theme for investors because this...

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Christmas stressing you out? Here's four VR apps to help you chill

Virtual reality has made quite a comeback in 2016. Thanks to Oculus, HTC and Sony, consumer friendly VR is finally rolling out and now everyone and their grandma has tried a roller coaster ride on a smartphone strapped to their face.

But VR can do more. Much more.  As VR can cut us out from boring ol' reality and immerse us in something we can control (and desire), it is the perfect tool to help us overcome stress, among other issues like anxiety, fears and psychological trauma. So if walking just won’t cut it for...

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Qualcomm and Lionsgate announce Power Ranger VR experience


If you were a child of the 90’s, chances are you’ll have had an argument with your friends about which Power Ranger you were.

One thing’s for sure though, whether you were pink, green or blue, we’ll be you didn’t imagine the Rangers and their baddies in VR.

But the coloured ones will be making their way to a headset potentially near you in the coming year, as Qualcomm has joined forces with Lionsgate to - ahem - power - a Power Rangers VR experience at...

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Oculus announces 53 'made for VR' games for Touch

Oculus Touch is being released this week, along with a whole host of made-for-VR titles that will work with the controllers.

Touch controllers were delayed from the release of the Oculus Rift so the company could make improvements to them, it said in an earlier blog.

However, they are now set to go on sale from 6 December for £189.99 from retailers including Amazon and GAME. You still have a day to preorder it if you want the

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Ex-Pixar specialists launch Gary the Gull for VR

Growing up watching Pixar movies is definitely a hallmark of a 90’s child. Even if you’re not, chances are you’ve seen - and maybe cried at - Up, Finding Nemo and Wall E.

In the dawning age of VR, bringing that kind of emotive animation inside a headset is a very powerful thing indeed, but not as simple as it sounds.

That’s why we were interested in a recent Steam and PlayStation VR release based around a lovable, Pixar-esque character: Gary the Gull.

The experience markets itself as a...

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Clash of Clans launches short 360 battle experience


Fans of the popular mobile game Clash of Clans can now embark on a 360 experience that seats them on the back of a Hog as it goes into battle.

The game, estimated to have 30 million plus daily active users, is produced by Finnish company Supercell.

The 360 Hog Rider experience matches a similar ‘battle’ 360 experience it launched around the same time last year, where players could...

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