NFL launches VR series with Google Daydream


America's National Football League (NFL) has launched NFL Films with Google Daydream, a nine-part, 360 series of behind-the-scenes NFL content.

The series aims to give people a sense of how players, coaches, executives, cheerleaders and fans prepare for 'game day' in an immersive way.

The first episode of the virtual reality series will be available to watch via the NFL channel on YouTube on Thanksgiving Day (24 November).

Virtual reality is an emerging platform that enables content...

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New BBC app to host Olympic VR content


The Rio Olympics kick off this weekend, and fans in the UK can watch some of the Games in VR with the BBC Sport 360 app.

The app is part of a trial and was developed with the Olympic Broadcasting Service to offer 360 coverage of the Games.

BBC Sport said it's taken taken part in the trial to learn more about the tech and understand audience needs, so it can shape future plans for VR content.

"This is an emerging and exciting area, which we will explore further after the games," the BBC...

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Women's golf latest sport to get the 360 degree video treatment

Sports and 360 video are seemingly a match made in heaven, with each week bringing a new announcement in the area.

The most recent news is from imaging and electronics company Ricoh, which developed a series of 360 degree film capturing cameras. Its Theta S model will film the Women's British Open, a major women's professional golf championship.

The compact camera boasts high-res spherical output images of up to nearly 14 megapixels and HD live streaming, as well as 8GB of memory.

The Championship is...

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Rio Olympics opens virtual reality visitor centre

(c)Rio Olympics

One month out from the Rio Olympics, and already the games are a source of controversy. But there’s no doubt the major event will create history for virtual reality, which it’s set to use in a major way.

For the first time, Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) will be broadcasting high-definition images of the opening and closing ceremony in virtual reality, as well as one event per day. 

In the run-up to the games,...

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Manchester City football club getting to grips with VR for fans

Picture credit: Manchester City FC

The potential of VR to transform how people view and interact with sports is huge. Just take games such as EA’s FIFA franchise and numerous other sporting titles released every year. If simple video games can make such waves in sport, imagine what fully immersive VR can do for the sector?

It’s not just sporting games who are capitalising on the opportunity. Clubs, such as Manchester City, have spent time...

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“A soaring example” of VR as gaming’s future: CCP launches two Oculus Rift titles

Picture credit: EVE: Valkyrie/YouTube

Games house CCP Games has announced the launch of EVE: Valkyrie and Gunjack, both aimed at the VR markets for the Oculus Rift platform on PC.

Both games were specifically developed for VR, with Valkyrie as a multiplayer dogfighting shooter while Gunjack is a VR arcade shooter.

EVE: Valkyrie is an award-winning game built from ground up for virtual reality. It allows players to take on the role of a spaceship pilot in the middle of combat. The game has already won rave...

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