Why the VR industry needs more collaboration to succeed

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Seemingly everyday, there’s more news about how virtual, augmented, and mixed reality are the future and will be integrated into everyday life on multiple levels - and rightfully so, as there are seemingly unlimited potential applications for immersive technology.

But at the same time, there needs to be more communication, cooperation, and even mentorship within the industry for it to succeed. There is so much to share and discuss, in terms of best practices and lessons...

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Reimagining data centre space with virtual reality technology


What was once viewed as the stuff of science fiction, virtual reality (VR) has seen its impact flourish in the enterprise landscape. Continuous developments and the practical business potentials have pushed VR deeper across a range of industries, including healthcare and automotive. While VR technology ultimately requires constant refinement to match consumer demands, not to mention a network of supporting technologies, data centre operators have begun tapping into the potential...

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Brexit's uncertainty may 'dampen' short term investment in VR and high tech

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Brexit may cause short term uncertainty, leading to a dampening of investment available for virtual reality projects and in other high tech areas, according to the CEO of TIGA.

As the UK is faced with an EU exit and markets still haven't calmed down yet, many in the tech industry are concerned about what it will mean for the sector as a whole. 

But Dr Richard Wilson, head of video games industry trade association TIGA, says if the government makes the country favourable to...

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Adobe adds VR features into its Creative Cloud suite


Adobe has added some new features to its Creative Cloud tools - including virtual reality features in Adobe Premier Pro. 

VR features include 'field of view' mode for previewing content, as well as support for VR video workflows. 

This allows users to enter a specific monitoring mode with equirectangular stitched media to experience the view from inside the sphere.

When users have finished editing, they can publish their 360 video to to Facebook or YouTube. Adobe's also launched a...

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VR is coming to some of China's most popular theme parks

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Virtual reality theme park rides and video content seem to be the plat du jour around the world at the moment: from the UK’s Alton Towers to Six Flags in the USA, thrillseekers are getting a taste of g-force in VR.

And now, China’s biggest theme park operator has just signed a $30m joint venture with a US VR startup to bring the tech to its venues and online platform.

SPACES, a VR venture co-founded by two former Dreamworks DreamLab execs, will work...

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Why remote workers will drive adoption of VR for business

Let’s be honest, we don’t currently have the tools that can really help distributed teams work together as effectively as when they’re in the same room.

That’s because we’ve evolved how we work together in person, but technology hasn’t kept up. Work meetings now are often 'brainstorming sessions' and very interactive.

But how does this interactivity play out in the virtual world? There are plenty of online whiteboard platforms, but given the choice between a...

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Forrester predicts 52 million VR headsets in use by 2020

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An estimated 52 million virtual reality headsets will be in use by 2020, a leading analyst says - and that’s just in the US alone.

Forrester published a report this week, The Coming Wave of Virtual Reality, which predicts VR’s increasing use in people’s working and personal lives.

We’re not even halfway through 2016, and already virtual reality has...

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Oculus hires Fitbit chief operating officer

In the midst of backlash against Oculus’ product delays, the company has announced that it’s hired Hans Hartmann, formerly of Fitbit as its new chief operating officer (COO).

He’ll replace current COO Laird Malamed, who will take on a new executive role to help Oculus scale.

CEO Brendan Iribe

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Reflections on Mobile World Congress: Enterprise apps coming to new form factors


Even with a show as large as Mobile World Congress (MWC), with over 100,000 attendees, it was pretty clear that a lot of companies are pushing forward to win a share of two related markets; virtual reality (VR) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

MWC saw a large number of VR headset announcements from Samsung, LG, HTC, Oculus, Google, Epson, Gear VR, and Fujitsu – which was specifically focused on enterprise applications. A primary driver for a somewhat global network upgrade to 5G...

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Enterprise applications to drive growth for augmented reality and wearable devices


Though augmented reality (AR) and wearable devices have caused a stir in consumer technology, a new report from Beecham Research argues that enterprise applications will be the major driver of growth in these segments.

Manufacturing, logistics, healthcare and retail have been identified as some of the most dynamic markets, where AR offers novel, hands-free interaction along with more control and access to information.

The report details market activity and consolidation and lists recent...

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