Zeiss launches upgraded VR ONE headset at E3



With everyone from gaming giants to phone networks getting in on a slice of the VR headset action, it's no surprise to see other industries launch their own head-mounted devices. 

The latest announcement comes from international optics tech company Zeiss, which is better known for making medical devices and camera lenses. 

Back in 2014, it launched a VR ONE headset. But as it announced at the E3 conference this week, it's upping its game with an upgraded version,

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zSpace review: Virtual reality learning in the classroom

When I was in school, science class became way more interesting when we had collaborative learning through hands-on labs. Those few group experiences, such as dissecting an actual frog, made science real and always left us hungry for more.  

Fast forward to the present and a company named zSpace. Their Virtual Reality Learning Experience has transformed the classroom lab time into a collaborative VR learning playground, enabling education beyond our wildest dreams and far exceeding the labs...

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Vodafone announces own-brand VR headset and enhanced smartphone

Vodafone’s announced it will launch both an own-brand VR headset and new flagship handset which it says is ‘ideal’ for VR.

Its Smart VR headset will be a lightweight offering - 260 grams - and sold as a separate accessory to the Smart Platinum 7 handset.

It’ll be manufactured by TCT and run on the Google Cardboard ecosystem - and while there are no pictures just yet, it’s expected to be white, with silicone and sponge cushioning and stainless steel buttons.

There’s no...

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Razer announces new $399 OSVR headset

Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) co-founder Razer has announced a $399 (£280) headset with a visual experience "on par" to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Razer is 'on a mission to democratise VR' and will start shipping Hacker Development Kit 2.0 headsets from July, it said at this week's E3 conference. 

The specs

HDK 2 headsets come with custom designed lenses for clearer images and a 90hz low-persistence OLED...

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HTC launches Vive business edition

With the news that 25% of headsets are predicted to be for business use by 2018, HTC's announced its launching a business edition of the Vive. 

The launch of Vive BE is in response to "the huge demand" from enterprises to use VR, the company said.

It'll be available from this month and includes additional services especially for business environments, including commercial licensing, a dedicated Business Edition customer support line and a 12-month limited warranty. 

The headset...

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HTC starts shipping Vive directly from website in shorter timeframe


In a blow to Oculus’ delayed orders, HTC has announced the Vive is now shipping straight from its website within two to three days.

Oculus has received backlash over its shipping delays in recent months, saying supply chain issues are the problem.

The battle between the Rift and Vive for the best high-end headset has been intensifying, too. Amongst other moves, Microsoft recently...

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Samsung offers free VR headset with Galaxy purchase in US for Father's Day


Stuck for what to get a tech-loving Dad for Father's Day? Samsung are offering a free Gear VR headset to anyone who buys a Galaxy device - but only if you're in the US. 

Sadly, Samsung discontinued its promotion for a free Gear VR headset with the preorder of a Samsung S7 and S7 edge devices in the UK a few months back. 

But those in the US can bag themselves a headset with a Galaxy...

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Batman themed S7 and Gear VR headset launched by Samsung


Samsung's announced a new Batman-themed package, which includes an exclusive black and gold S7 edge phone alongside a black matte Gear headset. 

Warner Brothers, DC Entertainment and Samsung got together on the third anniversary of mobile game Injustice: Gods Among Us to announce the limited edition package. But, it'll only be available in China, Singapore, Korea, Mexico and Russia for now, with other countries to be announced...

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ARM to beef up 2017 smartphones’ virtual and augmented reality capabilities


Smartphones are set to get a VR and AR capability boost in 2017, with ARM announcing its new graphics processing unit and processor.

Nearly all smartphones on the market are powered by ARM processors, and performance of devices has increased 100 x since 2009.

To make way for the advent of widespread adoption of VR - where smartphones will be...

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