How VR can be used to unravel the complexities of big data


The untapped potential of virtual reality is increasingly being explored, and it’s smaller firms that appear to be doing much of the probing.

Japanese creative company Takram, which is launching its first ever UK studio in London, is exploring how virtual reality can be used to unravel the complexities of big data.

Their big data project will be unveiled at the London Design Fair this week, as part of their Scenes Unseen exhibition, which will take visitors behind the scenes of...

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8% of young adults plan to buy a VR headset this year, report says


Younger generations are always well known for adopting the latest and greatest tech, and virtual reality is no exception.

A recent study has shown that 8% of 18 - 35 year olds are planning to buy a virtual reality headset by the end of the year - not a massive figure it may seem, but this comes to about 1.5 million in the US.

This is at least according to...

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Facebook launches new 360 video guide and analytics tools


Facebook has launched new publisher tools for 360 video on its platform, including guides and heatmaps.

The social media platform launched 360 video capabilities onto the Facebook site last September, and since then 250,000 videos have been uploaded - and the number is increasing.

Its new guide feature will allow 360 video creators to give viewers a ‘guided tour’ of a 360 video as it plays, setting a narrative by highlighting and...

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Reimagining data centre space with virtual reality technology


What was once viewed as the stuff of science fiction, virtual reality (VR) has seen its impact flourish in the enterprise landscape. Continuous developments and the practical business potentials have pushed VR deeper across a range of industries, including healthcare and automotive. While VR technology ultimately requires constant refinement to match consumer demands, not to mention a network of supporting technologies, data centre operators have begun tapping into the potential...

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Augmented set to grow faster than virtual reality globally, new report claims


Augmented reality is ahead of virtual reality in terms of global market growth - and is set to continue all the way to 2020, according to a new report. 

Research and Markets published research this week looking into the two markets. It found AR was valued at $2.35bn last year, and estimates it'll reach $117bn by 2022. 

In contrast, the VR market's an estimated $1.37bn and may reach £33bn six years. AR's growth rate is set to be higher due to "interest shown...

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VR video network Littlstar launches analytics tool to track viewer engagement


Marketers may well be familiar with the use of heatmaps and social analytics tools on regular websites, but for the first time, virtual reality (VR) video now has its own solution.

Disney Accelerator-backed startup Littlstar has just launched a creator’s dashboard, which gives access to user analytics, demographics and heat maps for all viewers on videos distributed via its network. 

Founded in...

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