Half of consumers more likely to buy from a brand with VR experience


Virtual reality is helping brands everywhere to enhance their marketing, and it appears to be having a positive effect so far. According to new research by Greenlight VR, over half of consumers say they’re more likely to buy from a brand that sponsors a VR experience.

The VR Consumer Adoption Report surveyed over 1,300 consumers in the US about how they felt toward VR and brands who use it.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, almost everyone who hadn’t used VR...

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Wembley Stadium launches immersive 360 degree and AR tour experience for visitors

Visitors to Wembley Stadium in London will now be able to tour the venue using a 360 degree and augmented reality video guide. 

With 90,000 seats, it's the second largest stadium in Europe and hosts home football matches of England's national football team, as well as high profile concerts from Beyonce to Rihanna. 

The Football Association, Wembley Stadium joined up with creative solutions firm Nock to build an immersive expeience for visitors taking a tour around the stadium, which was...

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How VR is shaking up the world of marketing

VR and 360 are transforming the marketing and communication industries, increasing integration between traditional advertising, social media marketing, experiential and events. 

It’s becoming the norm to capture events and locations in 360 degree video, to allow people to experience parts of the world they can’t get to. 

However, more and more brand marketers are also recognising the impact that a 360 experience can bring to a campaign.

Once the expensive indulgence of a handful of...

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GoPro gives us a peek at its Live VR


GoPro's been very quiet on the Live VR front after announcing the tech back in April. But this week, it's given fans a preview into what its HEROCast wireless streaming tool can do. 

Debuted at this year's NAB conference, Live VR - part of GoPro's custom solutions technology - isn't quite available yet to the general public. 

The video follows MotoGP racer Randy Mamola's son Dakota as he competes on the MotoAmerica circuit. 30 years ago, Randy had tested out the...

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Nintendo insists more research in VR needed as Pokemon GO tops gaming charts


Gaming giant Nintendo has given a ringing lack of endorsement towards VR in its latest shareholders’ annual general meeting, arguing it still needs to do more research before ploughing ahead.

Shigeru Miyamoto, senior managing director and creative fellow at Nintendo, told shareholders last week when quizzed over whether ‘serious research’ on virtual, augmented and mixed reality will be taking place: “For VR in particular, we are continuing our research, and...

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Augmented reality video searching tool boomApp launches in UK


Augmented reality is somewhat underutilised in the marketing sector. It's got huge potential, but virtual reality is winning in the hype stakes. 

The scope of what you can do with AR tech is pretty vast, and as such we were interested to learn of a new AR based tech startup that's launching in the UK this week. 

boomApp has developed the first tech to enable AR functionalities for traditional videos and its algorithm can search and find a video within a database of millions in...

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Our pick of the top five 360 videos this week

As Cardboard-type virtual reality headsets become more mainstream, an increasing number of people are watching 360 degree YouTube and Facebook video content. 

So, we've decided to review five videos every week and bring you our pick of the ones we think you need to watch. 

Over the last seven days, we've been on a VR rollercoaster, plunged through the ocean with sharks and took a stroll through the jungle - all from our office. 

Here's our pick - enjoy! 

1. Travel: Climb and mountain...

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Acer invests $9m in Starbreeze ahead of StarVR launch

(c)iStock.com/guli studio

Taiwanese electronics company Acer - best known for its laptops and netbooks - has invested $9m into Starbreeze ahead of its headset launch.

The two companies announced a partnership last month, which has just been approved by its board of directors.

Acer has its sights firmly set on the virtual reality market, which it says it believe has “huge potential beyond PC gaming” and wants to enhance...

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Audi UK unveils new VR track experience

VR specialist Visualise - whose CEO wrote an exclusive piece for VRTech this week - has unveiled its latest VR experience for Audi UK this week.

Partnering up wtih video production company Vertical Productions, it's produced an Audi Sport experience where users can use the Oculus Rift to take part in a VR race around the INdy Circuit at Brands Hatch.

At the wheel is race driver Oliver Jarvis, who ferries you around...

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Samsung ramps up VR offering with new initiative, camera and VR video platform


Samsung is going gangbusters for VR, with a raft of announcements in the US this week.

The Gear headset maker has launched the Samsung Gear 360, a high-res camera developed for creating 360-degree videos for smartphones and VR content. 

It'll come in at about $349.99 in the US, and those going to VidCon in California will able to get their hands on a limited few. We're expecting ot hear more news about the camera's availability later in the year. 

The company has also launched

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