Glenfiddich launches virtual reality whiskey distillery tour


Scotch whisky lovers will be delighted by Glenfiddich's latest marketing campaign; the distillery has launched a virtual reality tour of its surroundings and warehouse. 

Into the Mind of the Malt Master takes the VR viewer into the heart of the Scottish countryside and into the distillery - with a 'charming' guide to give you the grand tour. 

Instead of flying North and taking a tour, the VR experience actually does give you a first-hand view of mash tuns, copper pots,...

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HTC launches Vive business edition

With the news that 25% of headsets are predicted to be for business use by 2018, HTC's announced its launching a business edition of the Vive. 

The launch of Vive BE is in response to "the huge demand" from enterprises to use VR, the company said.

It'll be available from this month and includes additional services especially for business environments, including commercial licensing, a dedicated Business Edition customer support line and a 12-month limited warranty. 

The headset...

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How an auto retail brand is using F1 VR video to engage customers

The use of virtual reality in marketing is very much like the old, addictive online game Boomshine. First, only small amounts of larger, more established companies were doing it, but as the tech becomes more affordable, the use of VR video is slowly starting to spread far and wide. 

One of the latest companies to make use of the medium in a unique way is UK car retailer, Evans Halshaw. There are fewer experiences more adrenaline-filled than zooming around Silverstone in an...

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HTC starts shipping Vive directly from website in shorter timeframe


In a blow to Oculus’ delayed orders, HTC has announced the Vive is now shipping straight from its website within two to three days.

Oculus has received backlash over its shipping delays in recent months, saying supply chain issues are the problem.

The battle between the Rift and Vive for the best high-end headset has been intensifying, too. Amongst other moves, Microsoft recently...

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Getty Images launches virtual reality content group

(c)Kelvin Murray/Getty Images 

Stock photo agency Getty Images has launched a virtual reality content group today, as the business moves to 'embed VR technologies' at its core.

The VR content group already has 12,000 premium 360 images, with new content being added daily - in addition to high quality VR production.

Getty says it's been building its 360 image and gigapixel database for the...

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How this company is using one of the UK’s first Nokia Ozo VR cameras

(c)Orchard Media 

Forrester wrote this week that brands who want to lead the pack in adopting VR will need to make the right investments to reap large rewards.

With a $60,000 price tag and high grade specs, the Nokia Ozo 360 degree camera may be considered just that.

The product - one of the first commercially available professional grade 360 degree cameras on the market - started shipping in March. Only a...

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Rio Olympics set to broadcast in VR - but can data centres cope?

Virtual reality (VR) technology has grown in prominence, especially with the launch of multiple VR headsets including the Google Cardboard, PlayStation’s Morpheus, and HTC’s Vive.

The plethora of VR headsets not only emphasises the immense competition for companies to lead the VR pack, but also identifies a strong response to meet increased consumer demand in maximising the visual experience that the new technology is now able to afford users.

With the Olympics beckoning, the demand for VR...

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Forrester predicts 52 million VR headsets in use by 2020

(c) Katalin Kondoros

An estimated 52 million virtual reality headsets will be in use by 2020, a leading analyst says - and that’s just in the US alone.

Forrester published a report this week, The Coming Wave of Virtual Reality, which predicts VR’s increasing use in people’s working and personal lives.

We’re not even halfway through 2016, and already virtual reality has...

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