SanDisk announces 1TB SD card for virtual reality and 4K filming


SanDisk's released a new 1TB SDXC card prototype this week, which could be a useful tool for anyone shooting high-quality video for virtual reality.

The rise in demand of high res content such as 4K and 8K has led to the company developing a card with such a large storage facility. However, there's no hard release date just yet, and it'll be shown off at photo and video expo Photokina.

SanDisk, part of Western Digital, launched its 512GB memory card at the conference in...

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NASA launches Microsoft HoloLens Mars experience at Kennedy Space Center


Until now, it's been relatively quiet on the HoloLens front. However, Microsoft has just blogged about a new experience coming to NASA's Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex that uses the tech to showcase what it's like on the Red Planet.

Destination: Mars will mean visitors to the center can experience our neighbouring planet in mixed reality,...

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Apple CEO thinks AR will be bigger than VR

(c) Mueller

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has given us an insight into his thoughts around virtual and augmented reality, in an exclusive interview with US news channel ABC.

Speaking in a video to reporter Robin Roberts, Cook was interviewed about various aspects of the iPhone 7’s launch - as well as his views on AR and VR.

Apple has been very quiet about any plans it has in this space -...

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How VR and 360 video can shake up the fashion and beauty industries


It feels strange writing an article on how 360, virtual and augmented reality is impacting the fashion and beauty world, having never been a true fashionista.

I’m not as fashion monotone as Steve Jobs, who famously only ever wore black Issey Miyake turtleneck jumpers and jeans (for convenience sake he claimed) - in terms of my  attempt achieving a look’ often its pure luck as to whether I get them right, or go wildly off the mark and make a whole bunch of unintended...

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Apple gets patent for what looks like a VR headset


They’re the silent giant in a world of virtual reality noise, but at last, there’s been some stirring from the closed-lipped Apple this week.

The company’s just been awarded a patent it filed last September, for what looks like a headset that works with iPhones or other Apple devices.

We’ve heard from Microsoft, Google, Facebook, HTC, Intel, Sony, Samsung and many more tech giants about their current and future plans for VR and AR, but Apple’s...

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VR and 360 video will shape holidays of the future, says report

Virtual reality and 360 video are prime tech candidates for shaping people's future holiday experiences, claims a new report by travel brand Expedia

The Holiday of the Future includes information from resources like VR Tech on exactly that: how consumers will look for, review and buy holidays in years to come. 

It explores the experimentation travel companies are currently doing with the likes of 360 tours and Facebook booking bots,...

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Make up brand Smashbox launches 360 studio tour


360 video is enjoying its status as the new and exciting marketing tool of the day. More and mroe brands every week get on board with the medium, usually in a collaboration through creative agencies, to immerse their customers in their story.

When it's done badly, it can look amateurish, but when done well - like this campaign from makeup brand Smashbox - can really boost the brand's standing. 

The beauty brand partnered up with Omelet, which has worked with other big names...

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Irish Gaelic Games get 360 video treatment

With so many brands and sports taking on 360 video, it was only a matter of time before more niche areas began to be explored. 

And indeed they have, with the Irish publishing a 360 experience around gaelic football.

For those not familar with the game, we recommend trying out Irish bank AIB's 360 experience, where it brings the viewer into a sea of Dublin Gaelic Games Assocation (GAA) fans, before switching it up and...

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Innis and Gunn launch 360 beer experience

(c)Innis and Gunn

Ale brand Innis and Gunn have launched their own 360 video experience around their drinks - following in the footsteps of other alcohol brands such as Glenfiddich.

Innis and Gunn has opted for two 360 videos to showcase Scottish landscapes and create an immersive experience that will "transport" drinkers from the bar to see the landscape that inspired the drinks. 

As part...

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