First brand campaign shot with Nokia OZO features Kate Moss

(c)Charlotte Tilbury 

The first VR brand experience shot with the new Nokia OZO camera has just been unveiled, starring none other than British supermodel Kate Moss. 

The immersive experience is part of a marketing campaign to launch make up artist Charlotte Tilbury's new perfume Scent of a Dream, and was produced by VR specialists Happy Finish and director Antoine Wagner. 

It'll be available in-store at Tilbury's Covent Garden Store and Selfridges W1 from this week from 'VR...

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Hasbro and Argos want VR, AR and MR toy pitches from designers and developers

(c)Inventors' Worshop

Virtual reality and children may not seem like a ‘natural’ mix; most VR headsets include warnings that they’re not suitable for under 12s and 13's.

While guidelines for many devices - the upcoming Playstation VR included - say no to children using them, others such as Google Cardboard which showcases 360 rather than VR experiences, don’t prohibit this.

And with AR becoming more relevant to a younger generation via apps like Pokémon Go, there’s...

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How this agency is enhancing audience experience through VR


Here at Output Group, our Oculus Rift headsets have barely cooled from our Brancott Estate ‘Virtual Vines’ activation at Camp Bestival, and we’re straight in to our next VR experience with Havana Club rum.

Casa Havana is a pop-up experiential space that transports guests to an authentic Cuban paladar, capturing the essence of this unique and...

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Can VR help kids conquer fear of swimming?


The Swedish Swimming Federation recently revealed a new VR experience with the help of energy provider and main sponsor, E.ON. It’s designed to help the one in five Swedish children that can’t swim, by getting them to face their fears directly without having to even get their feet wet.

The experience features members of the Swedish swimming team; Jennie, Erik and Simon, encouraging the viewer to join them in a pool, constantly reassuring them and asking them to join in. You...

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New York Times adds VR to its marketing mix with acquisition of Fake Love

The New York Times has acquired Fake Love, an experience design agency that specialises in creative programs, live experiences and virtual and mixed reality. 

Fake Love's already worked with the New York Times on a VR app to promote the Oscar nominated film Carol, where it delivered 1.3 Google Cardboard headsets to readers with the newspaper.

This is the second marketing agency the New York Times has acquired in six months; however this is focused...

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Vroom launches first ever VR car showroom


A US-based online car retailer has created one of the first-ever VR car showrooms.

Vroom, which is online but with physical locations in Houston and Dallas, Texas, launches their new showroom at a pop-up event in Arizona this week.

Agency 900lbs of Creative co-made the experience with Vroom, which allows users to experience 15 various makes and models of car in the affordable performance category.

Users can open a car door, get up information on the vehicle or take a test drive...

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Technicolor's now creating VR and AR experiences


Fans of classic Disney movies will be familiar with the Technicolor brand, but real movie buffs will still know it’s alive and kicking today, now a leading digital innovator in the media and entertainment industry.

As such, it’s just launched the Technicolor Experience Centre, which is aimed at developing “high-concept” content, platforms and tech for VR, AR and immersive media.

The California-based purpose built centre will play home...

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Sports Illustrated gunning for VR with 360 USA Women's Eight experience


As the experimental phase of 360 video and VR experiences matures, many larger publishers are getting on board with immersive content. 

The latest and greatest is a publication with a lot of potential in this area: Sports Illustrated. They've recently unveiled a number of new article pieces in VR and 360 degrees, which seems to be an area they're now gunning for. 

It being a relatively new medium, however, some publications don't quite yet have in-house VR or 360...

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Fancy wine tasting in VR? Brancott Estates takes experience on UK festival tour


There are so many things you can do in VR to unwind, chill out and just downright relax. From meditation apps to chilled out gaming, sometimes putting a headset on can be the perfect way to destress.

The ultimate synergy - for marketers, at least - is when these kinds of experiences and a clever brand campaign come together to form a fiendishly good partnership. 

Obviously one just for the (wine-loving) adults, Brancott Estate will launch a VR multisensory experience as part of...

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Google hires former Samsung VP of content for Daydream VR

(c) Doiy

Google’s hired a man that once oversaw the content strategy for American Idol and Elvis Presley Enterprises onto its Daydream VR content team. 

Matt Apfel joins Google’s Daydream VR’s content team this month, writing in his LinkedIn bio he was “excited” at the prospect.

Apfel previously spent two years working for Samsung as vice president of creative, content and strategy - focusing on Milk...

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