How virtual reality can have an impact on manufacturing


Virtual reality can bridge the gap between a mundane 2D experience on screen and a real one. Although its initial impact has been felt in entertainment, niche areas like manufacturing can also benefit if implemented correctly.

Some giants, such as Ford and BAE, have already adopted VR in their manufacturing process; rather than having to build a physical model to see how change might impact a design, they build a VR model, explore it and see how changes to the model or the environment make an...

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FT and Google launches 360 experience of 'hidden' Dublin


The Financial Times (FT), in collaboration with Google, has launched their latest VR project, Hidden Cities: Dublin.

Released as a dedicated website, the Hidden Cities series provides an engaging experience, allowing viewers to discover fresh perspectives on some of the world’s cultural and political capitals.

The series concept was created by Adam and Eve DBB and developed in conjunction with the FT. In addition, VR production...

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Review: Leap Motion's hands-free VR

(c)Leap Motion

While in the throes of an 'almost real' captivating VR story with castle stones and attackers approaching from below, we should be able to reach out with our hands, grab an arrow and shoot, right? 

Well, if you have ever experienced one of these wonderful VR escapes, you know that our hands are always occupied with a strange controller.  But, wouldn’t it be great if someone could figure out how to make the virtual world recognise our natural hand movements so we can...

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Norwegian Airlines launches new 5D VR experience in London


VR production studio Visualise has launched a new virtual reality experience for Norwegian Airlines and Boeing at Westfield Stratford City.

The 5D virtual reality activation has been created to promote Norwegian’s low-cost to the US on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The pop-up at The Gallery featuring the experience is open unti 14 December. 

For the Norwegian Airlines experience, Visualise has produced an immersive two-minute 360 video aboard the 787 Dreamliner aircraft, which is...

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Samsung Canada develops VR experiences to help people with common fears


The power of virtual reality experiences to change how we think about many different aspects of life is already being harnessed.

It’s being used to treat phobias, conditions, alleviate or distract from pain - and now, to treat common fears.

Samsung Canada has developed two experiences based around common fears to help people overcome something that might be holding them back.

The two fears they have chosen are public speaking...

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Brands may be using VR customer service by 2020, Oracle survey says


Virtual reality customer service is a real possibility, and could be used by companies to resolve issues as soon as 2020, says tech giant Oracle.

New research, ‘Can Virtual Experiences Replace Reality?’, claims that 78% of brands could be using this by that date, with AI-powered chatbots being the other most-used emerging tech being brought in to reduce waiting times and cut costs. 

Oracle asked 800 senior businesspeople in brands across France, the Netherlands, South...

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Pepsi MAX launches football-based 360 video ad

Ah, the underappreciated art of a football volley; something that you can now celebrate and be part of in 360 video.

If you're a fan of the beautiful game, then this latest 360 brand experience is probably one for you. Pepsi MAX has partnered with Weve and Celtra to present Volley 360, celebrating Pepsi's partnersip with the UEFA Champion's League. 

The mobile marketing campaign is representing a trend amongst marketers; not simply that of using 360 video, but of finding inventive ways to stand...

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Santas get to grips with new tech in VR training school

It was the night before Christmas, and all through the house, nothing was stirring - except Santa, who was busy playing Minecraft on his Samsung Gear VR. 

Santa and virtual reality is really not a pairing you would put together, but then again 2016 is a year of many surprises. 

And indeed, Santas from all over the UK have been attending a VR Santa Training School from Carphone Warehouse, to get to grips with virtual reality technology before they head to grottos, stores and shopping centres ahead of...

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RT releases 360 experience from International Space Station


Most of us will only ever dream of getting a real bird's eye view from the International Space Station (ISS), but thanks to 360 video, you can at least get a taster of what the astronauts see.

Russian news agency RT (previously Russia Today) sent a 360 camera into space, which cosmonaut Andrey Borisenko used to capture a view of the Earth from the ISS.

The Space360 experience is presented by RT, who has worked with Russian space agency Roscosmos...

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Oculus gives 11 content creators Launch Pad scholarships


Oculus has given 11 virtual reality content creators a share of $250,000 in funding to develop unique VR experiences.

The 11 are winners of Oculus’ first ever Launch Pad group, and will receive a share of the scholarship.

Since the project was launched, Oculus has worked with over 100 developers to deliver virtual reality experiences that “more accurately represent its global audience”.


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