Why VR needs wider industry participation for its success

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When I first started hearing a buzz about recent developments in VR, I was intrigued but never gave it enough serious thought. As a result, the idea of VR sort of hovered around in the back of my mind for a while until it re-surfaced again while watching some VR reaction videos. 

Seeing the way people responded to the experiences they were having with beta versions of the technology, I was intrigued enough to take another look. After an evening of YouTube exploring I was...

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VR would have positive effect on students, US teachers say

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VR is getting a lot of airtime within the education sector in the US, from this morning’s HTC-Lifeliqe partnership to Google’s Expeditions rollout.

And rightly so, it seems. A survey commissioned by Samsung has shown that 85% of US teachers agree that virtual reality would have a positive effect in the classroom.

The research sought the views of over 1,000 primary and secondary school teachers (K-12) on the use of VR within education.

It found that currently, only...

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AltspaceVR is breaking the virtual reality isolation barrier

Virtual reality is certainly shaking up certain industries: VR gaming is going to be huge over the next 12 to 18 months, and sectors such as defence and healthcare are slowly but surely trialling and adopting the tech.

But one argument against VR is that it’s very singular and even isolating, perhaps one of the reasons augmented reality is set to outgrow it over the next few years.

One company seeking to break down this isolation barrier is Silicon Valley startup and virtual social interaction company...

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AMD launches affordable VR graphics card


AMD has unveiled its Radeon RX 480 graphics card, which boasts the “world’s most advanced graphics technology” with Polaris architecture.

It’s offering value for money, starting at $199 for the 4GB card and $239 for 8GB and is aiming to democratise virtual reality with its future proof tech. They'll be available in the UK in the likes of Maplin and Currys, both for under £200.

PC partners Alienware, HP and Lenovo, along with VR developers EA,...

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Google opens up VR field trip app Expeditions to everyone

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Ever fancied exploring the surface of Mars, venturing to Antarctica or diving to the great barrier reef in VR? Well, you’re in luck, as Google’s opened up its education app Expeditions to everyone.

Until now, it’s only been available to classroom students, but Google announced at the education tech ISTE conference this week that it would bring the app to the Google Play store.

Expeditions is a virtual reality ‘field trip’...

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Opinion: The future of VR and the challenges which need to be overcome


Virtual reality is not a new medium in itself, it’s actually been around for decades with one of the first uses being the Sensorama by Morten Heilig. This crazy machine not only showed visuals and sound but also scent, a real trailblazer. VR went on to be used by NASA, the US army, in gaming arcades and all over popular culture through the 70s, 80s and 90s, apparently falling into obscurity in early 2000s.


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zSpace review: Virtual reality learning in the classroom

When I was in school, science class became way more interesting when we had collaborative learning through hands-on labs. Those few group experiences, such as dissecting an actual frog, made science real and always left us hungry for more.  

Fast forward to the present and a company named zSpace. Their Virtual Reality Learning Experience has transformed the classroom lab time into a collaborative VR learning playground, enabling education beyond our wildest dreams and far exceeding the labs...

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Netflix teases with virtual reality video store for HTC Vive at Hack Day


Netflix seems like a fun place to work. Every six months or so, it gives its team of engineers and designers the chance to take part in a Hack Day, where they work on various features and improvements to the service.

Unfortunately, many of the hacks aren't kept, used or implemented by Netflix. However, we really wish they'd stick with one of its latest ones, where three developers got together to create a demo of a...

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Oculus update stops Rift games on Vive, Revive responds with update bypassing DRM

Oculus updated its app last week, which stopped the Revive patch that allowed HTC Vive users to access games from the Oculus store.

Until last week, players could use Revive to access the Oculus store. However, Revive developer CrossVR posted on Reddit last Friday that Oculus’ latest update which included ‘platform integrity checks’, had broken support for Revive.

“Tl;dr: Oculus prevented people who don’t own an Oculus Rift from playing Oculus Home games,”

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