Madefire launches comic book app on the Oculus Store


Comic books are being brought to live in virtual reality, with a new app launching on the Oculus Store very soon.

Madefire already features popular comics on its smartphone and tablet app, and is looking to bring this one step further with the introduction of a VR experience.

It has launched a preview app on the Oculus Store, which VR enthusiasts can try out for free to see how the comic experience plays out. The...

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Virtual reality headsets play role in new cyber crime competition

A competition for young up-and-coming cyber security talent in the UK saw virtual reality play an interesting role in the new event.

Competition hopefuls were asked to don a VR headset in an element of the competition, which focuses on tracking down the perpetrator of an 'insider crime'.

The 24 candidates had to use their cyber security and coding skills to rescue the chief exec of a fake energy company, which had been held to ransom by cyber criminals.

Piecing together clues from the scene of...

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HTC rolls out Viveport to everyone, starts shipping to more countries


While Oculus is busy preparing for the launch of its Touch controllers over the coming months - plus a special announcement later today - HTC Vive has been making some moves of its own.

Its much anticipated Viveport, an app-store-like hub for developers and those in the VR community, has launched in 30 countries.

Until now, it was live only...

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Snap Inc launches new 115 degree 'circular video' format and Spectacles


We’ve had virtual reality and 360 video - but what about a 115 degree offering?

Snapchat’s banking on a video format that’s viewable in any orientation, no matter which way you swing your smartphone, and it’s just announced a Google Glass style product to help it do the job.

It’s also had a bit of a rebrand, and the company’s now known as Snap Inc, one of the founders said in a blog this week.

This, he wrote, was due to the product set increasing; it’s...

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What are the key differences between 360 video and virtual reality?


The debate about whether 360 video should be classed as virtual reality is one that's filled with swings and roundabouts.

On the one hand, does it really matter what it's classed as? argued a previous VR Tech article, and on the other, bad 360 experiences can put potential VR enthusiasts off the medium as a whole. 

Therefore, we took a look at what exactly makes virtual...

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VR festival announces award judging panel


Upcoming German virtual and augmented reality festival has announced details of its award submission jury.

The two-day conference, awards ceremony and festival will take place inside Reeperbahn’s VR Lounge; a forum where techies, creatives and entrepreneurs will discuss creativity and the future of VR.

There are six categories in its awards programme:  best immersive...

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The debate about whether 360 video is VR - and why it doesn't matter

(c) Beliy

There have been a lot of headlines and controversies over whether 360 video should be considered virtual reality.

Alan Yates, a senior Hardware Engineer from Valve sparked off the whole debate with his Tweet: "Spherical photos and video are not VR! They are one form of content you can experience in a HMD, but they basically suck.”

Although Alan went on to mention that there were exciting aspects to 360 video in the future this provocative tweet has sparked an industry...

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Google partners with National History Museum to showcase dinosaurs in 360


We all know that both virtual reality and 360 video are great for exploring distant, hard-to-get-to places - but it can also be a great tool for experiencing the past.

Google has recently partnered with over 50 of the world’s top natural history institutions to bring the world of dinosaurs to life recently. As you can imagine, it’s gone down the 360 video route to highlight the experiences for Google Cardboard.

From this week, you can check out Google’s...

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