Ford launches VR storytelling app


It seems cars and virtual reality have found a sweet spot for immersive experiences, as Ford joins the slew of auto brands getting on board with VR.

The famous car company has just launched its first virtual reality app for Android and iOS devices, after a content partnership with award-winning Tools of North America.

The VR and 360 content specialist production...

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Fundsurfer seeing rise in companies asking about VR/AR investment


The current major players in the VR headset and software space are slowly creeping worldwide. With Oculus Rift’s launch in Europe and Canada this autumn, Intel and Microsoft’s announcements to make VR experiences available on mainstream PCs and more, it’s clear access to the tech will open up for a wider net of the global population.

And where there’s enterprise, there are startups and companies wanting a slice of the action. The major players aren’t the only pieces...

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Can VR help kids conquer fear of swimming?


The Swedish Swimming Federation recently revealed a new VR experience with the help of energy provider and main sponsor, E.ON. It’s designed to help the one in five Swedish children that can’t swim, by getting them to face their fears directly without having to even get their feet wet.

The experience features members of the Swedish swimming team; Jennie, Erik and Simon, encouraging the viewer to join them in a pool, constantly reassuring them and asking them to join in. You...

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Ministry of Defence looking for VR and disruptive tech businesses to pitch for investment


Fancy pitching your virtual reality idea or business to the British Ministry of Defence, Dragons’ Den style for a chance to be backed by part of a £800m fund?

From next month, the government is launching an Innovation Initiative, aimed at finding the best disruptive technology talent and ideas to help bolster the British Military.

Smaller companies it is already working with include hyper-reality training tech company Close Air Solutions, which uses specialised headgear...

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Why we think 360 video will last longer than 3D did

We’ve been hearing more and more about 360 video from journalists and industry analysts – and there is a good deal of skepticism about it in the market.

Will 360 video be able to succeed where 3D TV could not?

As with the introduction of any disruptive technology, there is always some hesitancy around the mainstream adoption. Whilst the innovators and early adopters play with the v1.0 products (or quite often the V0.5 products), the majority will wait to see how it develops...

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The Foundry CEO: VR content should mature in “three to four years”


We've been saying it for months now, but we’ll take any opportunity to say it again: VR is a big deal, and not just in the US. The UK and its unique tax breaks for the creative industries, alongside top tech talent and healthy investor landscape, means VR’s got a good chance to thrive here too.

Emerging technologies in particular are of interest to the UK government, who see them as a boost to the UK economy.

While we won’t mention the ‘Bre...’ word just...

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House artist deadmau5 launches own VR app with Absolut


It does make a lot of sense for music artists to get on board with 360 degree and VR video content. What fan wouldn’t want to ‘join’ their heroes on stage, and see a unique first-hand view from a perspective they could only dream of truly being in?

Varioius artists from Duran Duran to U2 to Avicii have produced VR experiences and 360 videos - and now it’s progressive house artist deadmau5’...

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US company launches VR courtroom offering


Virtual reality in the courtroom could happen a lot quicker than we think, thanks to trials such as the one being carried out by Staffordshire University in the UK. 

The use of VR could not only cut court costs, a leading digital lawyer had previously told VRTech, but really show jurors the full picture of what happened at a particular event and help them make potentially a more informed...

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Top five 360 videos this week: Tour de France, Grand Canyon and more

(c) Chernaev

There's nothing quite like a 360 degree video, is there? Even when watching on a flat computer screen, being able to hold and drag the world inside the video makes watching normal clips a bit dull. 

Following on from our last round-up, we've seen a few videos this week that we really like the look of. Grab some headphones and your headset, and jump in below. 

1. Travel: Hidden village in Grand...

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