How far away is VR for your brand communications?


Sony has announced that it is releasing the PlayStation VR this autumn. With VR hitting the headlines in recent weeks, marketers have been prompted to think about how they can utilise this new technology. With one of the biggest gaming giants producing a real-world product, VR has never been closer to the mainstream consumer.

However, the huge wave of new technologies being touted, from...

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Ford launches VR storytelling app


It seems cars and virtual reality have found a sweet spot for immersive experiences, as Ford joins the slew of auto brands getting on board with VR.

The famous car company has just launched its first virtual reality app for Android and iOS devices, after a content partnership with award-winning Tools of North America.

The VR and 360 content specialist production...

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First brand campaign shot with Nokia OZO features Kate Moss

(c)Charlotte Tilbury 

The first VR brand experience shot with the new Nokia OZO camera has just been unveiled, starring none other than British supermodel Kate Moss. 

The immersive experience is part of a marketing campaign to launch make up artist Charlotte Tilbury's new perfume Scent of a Dream, and was produced by VR specialists Happy Finish and director Antoine Wagner. 

It'll be available in-store at Tilbury's Covent Garden Store and Selfridges W1 from this week from 'VR...

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Vroom launches first ever VR car showroom


A US-based online car retailer has created one of the first-ever VR car showrooms.

Vroom, which is online but with physical locations in Houston and Dallas, Texas, launches their new showroom at a pop-up event in Arizona this week.

Agency 900lbs of Creative co-made the experience with Vroom, which allows users to experience 15 various makes and models of car in the affordable performance category.

Users can open a car door, get up information on the vehicle or take a test drive...

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Technicolor's now creating VR and AR experiences


Fans of classic Disney movies will be familiar with the Technicolor brand, but real movie buffs will still know it’s alive and kicking today, now a leading digital innovator in the media and entertainment industry.

As such, it’s just launched the Technicolor Experience Centre, which is aimed at developing “high-concept” content, platforms and tech for VR, AR and immersive media.

The California-based purpose built centre will play home...

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New 360 degree video ad format launched


Video advertising marketplace Teads has launched a 360 degree ad viewing outstream experience, similar to a VR environment.

The company's inRead 360 claims to be the world's first ad product to allow viewers to see 360 degree outstream video.

Ad viewers can interact with the ad creative from different angles either by moving their mobile device or clicking and dragging the ad on a desktop.

The inRead 360 can be bought both directly and programmatically and the format...

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A day at VR for Brands: An explosion of ideas


There’s no doubt that as with every kind of new tech, London’s leading the way when it comes to VR and AR meetups, conferences and events in the UK. 

While there are some offerings outside the capital, including the VR World Congress in our hometown of Bristol, it seems a week doesn't go past when we're not invited to some amazing-sounding VR meetup or event in London.

So VRTech ventuered to London this week to meet some of the names we've been...

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Getty Images launches virtual reality content group

(c)Kelvin Murray/Getty Images 

Stock photo agency Getty Images has launched a virtual reality content group today, as the business moves to 'embed VR technologies' at its core.

The VR content group already has 12,000 premium 360 images, with new content being added daily - in addition to high quality VR production.

Getty says it's been building its 360 image and gigapixel database for the...

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