VRTech's top 10 augmented and virtual reality predictions for 2017


VR has done so much over the past 12 months. Countless papers have been published celebrating its potential for helping people with everything from paranoia and anxiety, to overcoming arachnophobia and a fear of heights.

But it gets even better than that; there’s evidence of it helping paraplegics in rehabilitation, helping patients in hospital to overcome pain and even in rehabilitating prisoners. The potential of this life-changing technology is...

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Oculus launches Parties and Rooms for GearVR


There’s no two ways about it, gaming is fun. And it’s even better when you get a group of your friends together online for a good, old-fashioned session.

That’s something virtual reality was sort of missing, until now. Of course, apps such as AltSpace sought to bridge the social gap, but in-game parties was that little piece missing from the puzzle.

But now Oculus has launched Rooms and Parties for Gear VR, two experiences that lets you do just...

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VLC Player now supports 360 videos, will 'probably' support VR in 2017


VLC Player, the popular media player most recognisable by its orange-and-white traffic cone symbol, has said it will “probably” support VR headsets such as Google’s Daydream, the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift next year.

The company has just released VLR 360, which people can use to watch 360 videos and photos ‘out of the box’.

VLC Player rose to fame in the early 2000s as as free, open...

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How will VR change online marketing?


As a means of transporting customers into new and deeply engaging brand and product experiences, there’s simply no other creative technology like virtual reality.

It’s the content/channel hybrid that no-one was expecting, and we’re still trying to tame. But what’s certain is that the medium’s unique ability to deliver brand narratives in previously unimaginable ways is already encouraging marketers to explore how they can use VR content to deliver more...

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Sneak peak: The world's first 3D printed, virtual reality art

Last week, we announced that HTC Vive and the Royal Academy of Arts (RA) would showcase the world's first 3D printed, VR art in January.

Today, they have given us a sneak peak at some pictures from a preview event that took place in London this week.

RA Schools alumni Adham Faramawy, Elliot Dodd, and current final year student Jessy Jetpacks have created the work using an HTC...

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First virtual reality medical facility opens in UK


Virtual reality has already been making splashes in the medical industry, but this latest announcement takes the partnership one step further. 

The world's first virtual reality medial training facility was opened in London this week, with a live dental implant surgery broadcast via VR headsets to a groupd of senior global doctors. 

The facility was opened by Mativision, a company which has developed end-to-end tech that can stream live to VR from multiple 360 cameras. 

The quality of...

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Architecture and VR: Mobile or static virtual reality?

(c)iStock/Jacob Ammentorp Lund

The previous pieces I wrote on VR were mainly focusing on its impact in the architectural and design field in regards to our everyday experience at the office.

While writing about the why and how, we went down the virtual reality road, I slightly touched on the subject of the two main categories currently present in the VR scene that I would call static and mobile VR.

As we had more opportunities to play with different apps and software on...

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Why the future of design starts with virtual reality


Visualising a project before it is anything but a set of lines on a piece of paper isn’t always easy. There are several factors that must be considered – from anticipating the amount of available space to factoring in elements such as varying light conditions and the surrounding environment – all of which can vastly change how a project will eventually look.

Not everyone is naturally able to imagine a project without some sort of visual prompt. When many of us are...

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